Slave Olive Serves Up Some Servitude

Desperate chastity slutA Story by Slave Olive

I felt a lump in my throat as I rung the door bell at Mistress Selena’s house. It had been a two and half hour drive and I was shaking with nerves. It had been a long drive and the anxiety had been steadily increasing inside me with each motorway junction. I had in my left hand the flowers that I knew Mistress Selena would be expecting. Underneath my casual attire I was dressed in ladies underwear as Mistress had instructed. A bra and matching g string, pretty stockings and of course the silicone chastity device which had been locked in place for nearly a month. Mistress had the only keys and my balls ached! I was desperate for relief. I’m sure Mistress had been hinting that I may be allowed to empty my balls soon, and I was hopeful today would be the day. “How had I got myself into this” I thought as I stood patiently on the doorstep.
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Tights and Stockings – For Him and for Her

Fishnet StockingsWearing a sexy pair of tights with a pair of patent leather high heels is all it takes for me to feel like a sexy and sophisticated Domme. I usually wear interesting patterns or fishnets but my favourite kind of tights or stockings would have to be any kind with a back seam. The look of a back seam is such a turn on. It’s classy and sexy but not only that, it draws the eyes up to a lovely curvy bum like mine.
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The Emergence and Development of Miss Felicity

Miss FelicityAs far as I can tell, the attraction to forced feminization/sissification in the world of BDSM is an amalgamation of D/s and transvestitism. For this particular piece, I feel I do not need to explain the beginnings of my interest in BDSM, but rather crossdress/transvetitism. The interest in it for me started with my sister’s friend bringing round a DVD of famous transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard.
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