Getting Started in Rope Bondage

Secretary Bound 1

Secretary Bound 1 by Zaranack on Deviantart

If you’ve perused the Kinky and Popular section of Fetlife or any stunning BDSM photography then you will have seen some great works of art made with rope. If you’ve always been enamoured by the intriguing images in erotic photography books which depict intricate rope bondage and would love to give it a try you may find that you have no clue how to take a pile of rope and turn it into a bondage playground. Today I’ll let you in on all the information you need when getting started in rope bondage. This guide will take you from the initial inkling if interest to just before you begin your first tie.
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Staying Safe When Meeting a New Dominant

Any Ladies Looking For Their Mr. Grey?

On the hunt for a new Dominant?

It can be very overwhelming when you first come on to the scene as a new submissive. It seems like before you even finish uploading your first profile picture on FetLife, your inbox is already exploding with horny men from all of the corners of the earth. With so many kinksters now relying on the anonymity of the internet to seek out new connections the likelihood of dishonesty can be ten-fold. If you don’t have your wits about you while looking for a new play partner can lead to some dangerous situations. I’m not trying to scare anyone off from talking to people on the internet, today I’m going to talk about how to stay safe when meeting a new play partner in your local scene.
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Beginner’s Guide to Electro Sex – Safety

Electro Sex

Electro Sex Safety

It’s always important in any new endeavour to learn the basics. If you’re new to electro sex there’s a few things you need to know about electro sex safety to keep things moving smoothly. I’m not here to scare you off from indulging in a fun new kink, I just want to be sure it’s done in a safe manner. I am a R.A.C.K. player through and through so I will always advise on plenty of research especially when it comes to something like electro sex.
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