I Took my Pony Slave Shopping

Taking pony shopping“Go in the other room, strip down to your underpants and wait for me. I will be with you in one minute.” My pony slave immediately does as he’s told and marches into the other room. When I go in, he is stood there patiently waiting with his clothes neatly folded and placed over his shoes in a tidy pile. In this room I have left my white 8mm cotton bondage rope and this time he made sure to have it near by and ready for me because he knew what was about to take place.
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Thirty Days of Kink: Day Eight – Look!

This installment of Thirty Days of kink is a call for a kinky image that I find erotic. Well looking through my photos I had to overlook a lot of great fetish fueled images that while I find extremely erotic for whatever reason (it’s usually the look in their eyes) because I will not post face pictures of my own personal slaves on this blog. I will not post any pictures of any paying clients full stop. If they gave me their written permission, I may post a photo or two without their face in frame but it would really have to be a special case.
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I’ve Collared Myself a Human Pony

Collared Pony

Collared Human Pony

Yesterday was a red letter day. I packed up a mini gear bag, zipped up my leather boots and went round to my human Pony Slave‘s place to have a chat, a chill and a bit of a play. At least this is what he thought was going to happen; he soon found out that Mistress had an ulterior motive.

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Mistress Takes Her Pony Slave to KFS North

The north’s biggest annual fetish event KFS North took place on Saturday, 12 July this year and Mistress Selena was in attendance with her trusty pony slave. It was a balmy summer night – definitely a night where as far as clothing was concerned, less was best. KFS was the new name of the annual fetish party formerly known as Skin Two North and the place was pumping with attendees dressed in their very best kinky clobber.
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Guide to Puppy Play

Puppy Play

Do you or somebody you love have a penchant for sniffing bums? Do they eat out of the bin and bark at the postman? Do they hump your leg when they’re happy to see you? On bonfire night do they want nothing more than to hide under the bed? Do they seem too excited at the sight of a tennis ball? Or perhaps they can just spend hours at your feet with their head in your lap while you repeat, ‘Good dog.’ If you’ve said yes to any of these questions then you may just have a puppy play enthusiast in your midst.

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