Financial Domination and Cashpoint Meets

Financial Domination, ATM Meets, Cashpoint Meets
Have you ever wanted to kneel before and worship a stunning Goddess by handing over your hard earned cash as she makes you feel like a worthless worm? Or maybe you’d like to be Mistress’ prized pet pay piggy always on call to serve and pay your tributes in person. If financial domination is something you’re after then Mistress Selena is here to make your dreams a reality.

Your personalised financial domination style will be fully negotiated from severity of the humiliation to upper limits. We can arrange a single, one off cashpoint meet or for a scheduled monthly tribute. Thanks to their rules on adult interests, I do not accept PayPal. All tributes will need to be paid in cash or via Amazon Gift Card. I keep my Amazon Wish List topped up with items suitable for every budget. All terms will be laid out during negotiation.

Would you like an example of my expert financial domination? Please have a read of my blog post where I recount the time Slave Olive drove five hours round trip for a cashpoint meet so that I could effortlessly rape his wallet before I locked him in chastity and told him to fuck off back home. Meeting Slave Olive for a Cashpoint Meet.

Styles of financial domination include:

  • Bill adoption
  • Shopping trips – you carry the bags of course
  • ATM meets / cashpoint meets
  • Wallet rape
  • Regular scheduled tributes – weekly, monthly, birthday etc
  • Strict accounting where I decide how you spend your money right down to the very last penny
  • Wishlist shopping
  • Sponsored first class trips with my Domme friends

It’s your choice if you want to become a worthless worm paying out cash in exchange for harsh degradation or if you would like to become my long term pay pig pet who serves me regularly in person. My personal pay pigs get special treatment as long as they keep the money and gifts flowing. Sit at my feet after a tiring shopping trip and massage my feet while I gush over my gifts; It’s a privilege you will simply have to earn through financial domination.

What are your thoughts?