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beGloss Special Wash Vinyl

beGloss Special Wash Vinyl

When it comes to my fetish wear, I will mostly be seen wearing the glossy sheen of either vinyl or wetlook clothing. In the past in between wearing each item I would simply rinse these items out in cold water in an effort to keep the clothing clean without damaging the clothing. This wasn’t ideal and in the back of my mind still felt really gross. Thanks to beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl formula, my PVC clothing gets a deep down clean in no time at all. It certainly worked wonders for my favourite red vinyl nurse’s uniform.

Nurse SelenaI have a lot of PVC clothing. I’m allergic to latex so it’s the next best thing to wearing a high gloss shine. There wasn’t a lot of information about how to keep vinyl clothing clean, some methods seemed to make some clothing deteriorate faster than others and that’s why I went with just a cold water rinse. As some of you lucky enough to have had a live session with me will know, I play hard. I sweat. My submissive or play partner sweats. People nearby sweat and fling it about the place. *shudder* It’s gross but this is something you get used to when you play with others. A cold water rinse may water down and rinse away some of the sweat cocktail but it won’t kill germs or deodourise.

So along game beGLOSS and their range of fetish clothing care products including their beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl and now my vinyl fetish wear is hygienically cleaned and cared for with ease. Made in Germany, this specially formulated cleanser gives your clothing a deep clean that gets right in the pores of your clothing and kills germs. With the germs gone, the odours are gone too! beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl mixes easy and gets the job done quickly and easily.

beGloss Special Wash Vinyl in Action

beGLOSS Special Wash VinylI first tried out beGloss Special Wash Vinyl on my favourite nurse uniform which I like to wear for medical scenes. The instructions are simple. I filled up my sink with about 5 litres of cold water, then measured out and mixed in 30ml of the Special Wash. Once I was sure the cleansing solution was completely mixed in I placed my dress into the sink. I washed my dress by hand for about five to 10 minutes. You could tell I had worn this dress a few times and that the beGLOSS Special Wash was doing it’s job because the water did start going a little murky. Gross but it’s a good demonstration of how

Once I was sure that my dress was clean, I placed it on a hanger and hung it in my shower. From here I was able to rinse off the soap with cold water and allow it to drip dry. Now that my dress is clean, I feel confident about wearing it again knowing it’s fresh and clean… and ready for me to work up a sweat in it again!

Nurse Uniform washed with beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl

The Science of beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl

beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl cleaner is a gentle cleanser specially formulated to clean, care and purify your favourite plastic, vinyl and PVC fetish clothing. This special cleaner provides a deep, hygienic treatment which helps to preserve PVC and plastic garments. beGLOSS Special Wash PVC formula quickly and effectively removes dirt, oil, smoke and body fluids such as sweat, saliva and ejaculate. As an added bonus, you’ll find your plastic, vinyl and PVC clothing is non-adherent during storage. Regular beGLOSS treatments help to maintain and protect vinyl clothing which in turn increases the lifespan and durability of your kinkiest clobber.

Pros and Cons

I honestly can not fault this. Washing my vinyl clothing was quick, easy and effortless. The dirt and oil that came out of my favourite catsuit and gloves (which I forgot to get pictures of…) as well as my nurse uniform was not pleasant but then up to this point I was only rinsing these clothes in cold water not knowing what was safe to use on this type of clothing. It’s easy to use, economic – a little goes a long way and its easily found in fetish shops and on Amazon.

Shop with the Amazon affiliate link on this page and I earn a little extra commission on that sale. It’s a small way to give this Mistress a small tribute.

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