Male Chastity Day 2016

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, boys are locking up their pathetic little maggot cocks in chastity devices and handing control over to their Keyholder for an undetermined length of time. Male Chastity Day is observed by kinksters all over the world on the 15th of February every year and it pleases me to see that the celebration has been getting bigger year on year. Do you celebrate being celibate?

Male Chastity Day is a great day for men who are new to the fetish to finally take that next big step and slip their flacid penises into their penis prison and hear that unforgettable clicking sound as the padlock snaps shut. It takes a lot to get into the mindset that leads to locking your penis in a chastity device which will prevent you from erections, masturbation and sexual encounters.

Mistress Selena's Stocking Feet

Mistress Selena’s Stocking Feet

If it’s your first time in chastity, your keyholder may employ all sorts of devious ways to torment you until you’re at your breaking point. I like to make my chastity boys to stuff a giant butt plug up their arse and give them a set limit to look at their favourite porn. If they live far away I tend to make them get on Fetlife to peruse the Kinky & Popular section. They are then to click the heart on anything that made their little dicklet twitch in their cage.

That way when they’re done I have a record on their profile page what gets them hot. I can then use this information against them in the future. For example if I see them fawning over feet and stockings, I will ensure to wear my silkiest back seam stockings and a skirt with a shorter hemline just to tease him. Maybe even kick off my heels and move about in my stocking feet. I’ve seen plenty of growing wet patches in their pants emanating from their locked up cock.

This year for me will be my biggest and baddest Male Chastity Day ever. In years past I’ve had Slave Olive and Slave Felicity locked in chastity – juggling my two lifestyle subs and tormenting them throughout the day. This year is completely different! None of my current lifestyle subs will be in chastity while I have FIVE clients locked up. Four sets of keys and one nervous Nancy using a numbered plastic lock. Each one has a different date for freedom but today I will be wearing all four sets of keys around my neck. Don’t worry dear reader, I promise won’t go swimming with all that metal around my neck!

Chastity is hard

Take it from the Boy Wonder – Chastity is hard

If you’re here because you’re looking for an experienced chastity keyholder to tease and torment you while your cock is completely out of commission then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. My rates are simple, £50 per lock up for up to six months. You’ll get my own special brand of devious attention as I give you various assignments to perform and if you’re willing to travel it would give me great pleasure to snap the padlock shut myself.

Happy Male Chastity Day boys!

Male Chastity

Male Chastity

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