Semen? Get Down on Your Knees and Lick it Up

Cum Eating

Bon App├ętit!

Not only is Lick it Up a great song from the 80’s by the hottest band in the world, KISS it’s also the phrase that comes to mind when I think about this week’s Kink of the Week – Semen.

In any average, ordinary session either with a client or with a personal sub I don’t usually allow ejaculation to happen in my presence. There have been some semen related slip ups. I’ve had someone cream in their jeans during play. I have had someone with such a dribbly cock that they might as well have had an orgasm going by sizable mess he made.

Sticky Chastity Cuckold

Sticky Chastity Cuckold

During the course of any chastity keyholding stint I am of course in complete control of their orgasm and what they do with it. When they beg, “Please Mistress, please may I come!!! I’M DESPERATE TO COME! PLEASE!” I have a variety of options at my disposal. If I think they haven’t been locked up long enough I will tack another week or month onto the end of their chastity sentence as punishment for daring to ask. They can pay for their release with an Amazon Gift Card or they can provide video or photographic evidence that they eat their own semen once they finish defiling themselves. You should hear the bargaining!!!

“No Mistress, please! Can I just eat the pre-cum in exchange for the keys?” No! Everybody knows that’s the best part! Just eat your mess while it’s still hot, swallow fast and then it’s job done. If you’re not willing to swallow your own semen then buck up and shut up because I don’t want to fucking well hear it!

I get a lot of foot fetish submissives asking if they can finish off their foot worshiping scene by wanking over my feet and licking the semen off my delicate little toes. To watch it run down the length of my leg, gently pool on the top of my foot and with a subtle movement allow their semen to run down the tip of my toes so that it drips onto their waiting tongue. Some ask if they can spunk on my stockings and then buy them off of me as a souvenir for later.

I like to make them beg for it. Beg for it and really humiliate them for asking such a thing – and they just eat it up!

*Added bonus: I like to sing this song in my head as my disgusting worm takes care of his mess.

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  1. It is really interesting to read this perspective on semen. As a female sub my experience is obviously very different but I enjoy learning about how things work in other dynamics


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