Slave Olive Serves Up Some Servitude

Desperate chastity slutA Story by Slave Olive

I felt a lump in my throat as I rung the door bell at Mistress Selena’s house. It had been a two and half hour drive and I was shaking with nerves. It had been a long drive and the anxiety had been steadily increasing inside me with each motorway junction. I had in my left hand the flowers that I knew Mistress Selena would be expecting. Underneath my casual attire I was dressed in ladies underwear as Mistress had instructed. A bra and matching g string, pretty stockings and of course the silicone chastity device which had been locked in place for nearly a month. Mistress had the only keys and my balls ached! I was desperate for relief. I’m sure Mistress had been hinting that I may be allowed to empty my balls soon, and I was hopeful today would be the day. “How had I got myself into this” I thought as I stood patiently on the doorstep.

Safe keyholding

Safe keyholding

Many months prior to this, I had begun talking with Mistress Selena on Fetlife, a social media site for the kinky. It had begun innocuously enough, with chat about our respective experience’s and kinks. I had a fetish for chastity, and humiliation, and domestic servitude. I had an interest in exploring my kinks. I learned that Mistress was a Keyholder for another sub, and we talked at length. I had sent Mistress several Amazon gift vouchers and bought myself a Birdlocked chastity device, to which Mistress had eventually ended up holding the keys to. Mistress Selena and I had also done a “cash point meet” at my suggestion, during which I had had my chastity device padlocked for yet another lengthy period of agonising chastity, before being sent off to a cash machine to withdraw a wad of cash to hand over to Mistress. I had been particularly humbled that day!

This sort of arrangement had gone on for some time, off and on. I had semi regular breaks from being a chaste submissive. I was struggling with my submissive desires and trying to work out what I truly wanted from life, wrangling in my head and cursing myself for being such a submissive beta. At times, I became determined to be a “real man” and put an end to all this Femdom nonsense. Of course, my peculiar desires never really went away, and I would always find myself crawling back to Mistress Selena. I had resigned myself as a submissive male.

As we had only met once in person and both Mistress and myself were interested in me serving Mistress in a domestic way, one that would be truly beneficial to Mistress, it was arranged for me to attend Mistress’s house to be her house boy for the day. This would be to do some household chores, and generally wait on Mistress hand and foot. Prior to this day, I was of course to be locked into my chastity device for a good period, “to make sure I had the right attitude.” Mistress had informed me. Well, I couldn’t have really argued with her logic.

It felt like an age before the door opened. Mistress Selena was stood behind it, dressed in casual attire, but looking stunningly beautiful. “Well come in then slave” Mistress said. I handed the flowers to Mistress. I stepped into the house, and led through to the living room. There was a confusing silence, as Mistress stood in the centre of the room with her hands on her hips. “Well” she said. It didn’t look like I had got off to a good start. I guess the nerves were getting the better of me, I couldn’t think straight. This was the first time, really, I had been in this sort of situation, and I was struggling to work out how to act.

Dressed to be chaste

Dressed to be chaste

“What do you think you should do slave?” I think Mistress understood I was just nervous and was cutting me some slack. Thinking on my feet, I replied, “I should take my clothes off, Mistress?” “Well get on with it then slave!” Came Mistress’s reply, “and you’d better be dressed as instructed.” I hurriedly removed my outer clothes until I was stood in the middle of the room, wearing the sissy outfit and of course the chastity device. A ridiculous situation for a 31 year old man to be in, and I immediately felt wave of humiliation rush over me. “Wait there slave, Ill be back with the rest of your outfit for the day in a minute.”

Mistress Selena returned a few minutes later with a frilly maids outfit in hand. Mistress threw it at me, “Get it on slave.” I put the dress on and was then ordered through to the kitchen where a rather large pile of washing up waiting for me. “Don’t take to long about it slave, you’ve got the bathroom to do next.” said Mistress. After cleaning the bathroom, I spent the next half hour or so massaging Mistress Selena’s feet. It was a glorious task, and I was thankful for it after working hard in the kitchen and bathroom.

Foot Worship

My heart stopped when I heard the doorbell ring. I had been under the impression Mistress had the house to herself all day. “Oh that will be Kara. I forgot to tell you, I had a friend coming round, she’s very interested to see my sissy slave in action. Get the door for her slave.”

I gulped, I wasn’t expecting this. My face was burning. “Like this Mistress?” I said, panicking about answering the door in this ludicrous mode of dress. “Yes, like that slave” Mistress said angrily, “Don’t make me ask again, now get on with it, your keeping her waiting!” I quickly went to the door and opened it, careful to hide behind it, to prevent passers by seeing me. Kara walked in, who was a young attractive woman. Kara giggled a shy giggle as she turned to see me. I kept my eyes downcast. “Oh doesn’t he look pretty” said Kara as she greeted Mistress Selena. I took a position kneeling in the corner as the two women sat down and chatted. “Two coffees slave” Mistress said, snapping her fingers, as if summoning a waiter in a restaurant. I hurried through to the kitchen and preparing the drinks, and then brought them through to the living room. I served Mistress and Kara, or “Miss” as I was instructed to address her and was then told to go and kneel in the corner again. Miss Kara couldn’t stop giggling, and my face burned. This, I’m sure was the most humiliated I’d ever been. Mistress and Miss Kara were sat talking about me like I wasn’t there. Mistress was telling all the stories of what she has had me do since I have been her submissive. My face continued to burn with embarrassment.

Eventually the conversation got to my chastity, which Miss Kara took quite an interest in. “Oh, you can have a good look if you want, come here slave.”I was ordered to stand up by Miss Kara, pull my g string down and lift my maids dress up, revealing my locked genitals. Miss Kara let out a shriek of laughter when she saw it, not making any attempt to hide her amusement. “And you have the keys to this thing?” “Yes, he’s not orgsamed in, how long is it now slave?” “25 days Mistress” I replied, eyes downcast and still hopeful, my chastity sentence was coming to an end.

“Slave’s hopeful, I’ll unlock him today” Mistress said, “but I just don’t feel he’s earned it.” Miss Kara, fighting my corner said,”25 days is a long time, Id be climbing the walls. I don’t get what he gets out of having that thing locked on him all that time.”

Financial Domination

Financial Domination

“Well, how do you fancy buying an orgasm slave?” Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress, I said, earnestly. “It’ll cost you £50. Get dressed in your street clothes and off you pop to the cashpoint and back again.” “Yes Mistress” came my meek reply. Kara was sat there dumfounded, I guess trying to take in what she was seeing, she came across as rather vanilla. I quickly dressed and re dressed, thankful to be out of “sissymode” and raced off to the cash machine. I returned and handed the £50 to Mistress, delighted I was going to be allowed some relief. I wasn’t sure, how this would go. Was I going to have to undress again and forced to defile myself in front of them both, or would I be tossed the keys and told to do my disgusting act in the bathroom. Either way, I was fairly confident I would be leaving re locked, but God, how I needed relief, and to even have an erection again would be heaven. My penis had been crushed into the painful device for 25 days. I was a desperate man!

“Hahahahaha, silly boy!” shrieked Mistress, “You know that slaves don’t get to masturbate in my presence or at my house. Now, off you go, we’re done with you, the keys will be in the post when I’m done keeping them.”

I walked out the house and to my car, head low feeling dejected. Balls fuller than ever.

I had in my left hand the flowers that I knew Mistress Selena would be expecting. Underneath my casual attire I was dressed in ladies underwear as Mistress had instructed.

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