Review of E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her

E-Stim Intro2electro For Her

E-Stim Intro2electro For Her

My Pony loves to spoil me and recently he surprised me with a wonderful tribute from my Amazon wishlist. I was delighted to come home from a long day at work to see I had received an E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her. I picked this particular product after doing quite a lot of research on the different major brands of electro-sex systems and I found E-Stim Systems to be one of the top of the line electro sex manufacturers of quality electro sex playthings available on the market today. I’ve used my Intro2Electro for Her kit numerous times and now I feel I can give it a very thorough review.

E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her

E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her

E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her

E-Stim Systems as a company prides itself as a British manufacturer of electro sex boxes and accessories. Approximately 95% of their equipment is manufactured on site here in the UK which allows them to have the complete control over the quality of their products and back everything with a lifetime guarantee. How many sex toy companies can you name that are that confident about their products?

The E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her came to me via Amazon so it was discretely packed and waiting for me at a neighbour’s house when I got home, they had no idea what could possibly be inside. Once I ripped the outer packaging I saw that the sturdy storage case was wrapped in shrink wrap so I knew everything inside was factory sealed. Inside I found E-Stim Systems’ Series One electro sex box, a 2mm lead wire, four sticky pad electrodes, a veriprobe insertable electrode, a 9v battery to get me going and a comprehensive owner’s guide.

Right out of the box the Intro2Electro for Her kit gives you plenty of options to try out without feeling overwhelmed. The bi-polar electrode can be used vaginally or anally. The metal contacts should point out to the sides towards the hips for the best possible electrical connection and use plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant to ensure proper conductivity. There’s also four mono-polar sticky pads to try in all sorts of different and interesting ways.

Electro sex electrode

Using the probe you can enjoy the electrical stimulation and find a variety of settings by using the three stepless control dials found at the top of the unit. The Pulse Feel dial changes the sensation of the stimulation anything between a tickle to an intense needle sharp sensation. The Output is like a volume dial which allows you to increase the intensity. Initially you’ll want to start out low but soon enough you’ll find yourself turning this dial when you crave just a little more. The Pulse Rate is for adjusting the speed of the throb while you’re in Pulse mode. I like to start things off slow and then when I feel I’m getting close to orgasm I raise this dial to simulate a rapid thrust for a powerful finish. The fourth dial slightly lower allows you to choose from continuous mode (one long pulse), pulse mode (rhythmic pulse), manual mode (zap them with the fire button!) and off.

Electro sex power box

I have to say, using the sticky pads on pulse mode is where it’s at for me. I tried all sorts of different placements which only sort of gave me some stimulation but once I found out the perfect placement for me (your mileage may vary but definitely give this a go). I placed a sticky pad on my outer labia on either side of my clitoris. Oh my. I knew I was on to something right from the start but as I used the knobs to finely tune in my perfect stimulation I found myself wanting more and more.

The rhythmic pulsation felt like someone was sucking hard on my clitoris. The rapid stimulation moved up and down simulating what a blow job must feel like. A quick study in anatomy will show that the clitoris actually extends into the pelvis and I tell you what… I felt this erotic stimulation reach deep. It was amazing. I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked. I needed it. In the interest of SCIENCE I refrained from bringing in other toys or people and simply allowed myself to come using the E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her kit. It was the best simulated oral sex experience I have ever encountered (take THAT Squeel 2!).

I tried this again later and when I got to the point where I wanted more, I grabbed a plain glass dildo and slid it in. At this point I was speaking in tongues. It was that good.

As I say, out of the box the E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her kit will provide you with plenty of pleasurable options with the probe and sticky pads it comes with. The part I love most about this kit is how it can easily be expanded. The Series 1 unit that comes in the kit is dual Channel so you can use more than one toy if you buy an additional lead wire.

ElectraStim Lula with E-Stim Systems Series 1 Electro Sex power box

ElectraStim Lula with E-Stim Systems Series 1 Electro Sex power box

I’ve since picked up a 4mm lead wire and an additional 2mm lead wire so that my kit has room to grow. The lead wires and connections are made so that not only do you have the entire range of E-Stim Systems toys to choose from but you can also buy bits and pieces from other brands such as ElectraStim. This means you don’t have to invest in a whole new system if you see a toy from the other guys that looks like fun. I’ve used my ElectraStim Lula balls, an ElectraStim butt plug and various medical probes and different shaped sticky pads with my kit. I’ve even used it with various cock straps and urethral sounds on subs and clients.

This kit does what it says on the tin… er, box. It’s the perfect introduction to electro sex for women. Once you’re acquainted with the erotic sensations that electro sex has to offer you will be eager to build on your collection and try new things. Buy the E-Stim Systems Intro2Electro for Her kit on the E-Stim Systems website or check out the equally impressive Intro2Electro for Him kit which comes with cock straps.

In summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Ready to go right out of the box, even comes with a battery Probe contains nickle – only noticeable to those who are hypersensitive
Kit can be easily built upon Could do with suggestions for use
Handy storage box holds extra electrodes and lead wires  
Only very slightly more than the base model yet comes with more  

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