An Update of Sorts, Part 1

Horse Tail FloggerLately I have been a very busy lady. Business is booming, my lifestyle Domme life has changed dramatically in the last year and my own personal life has even ramped up a bit. As I do my best to juggle my life unfortunately somethings fall by the wayside such as my blog. When I started this blog I told myself I would post at least once a week and why not? I had plenty of time! Well I thought it was best to give an all encompassing update to give you a peek as to what I’m currently up to now.

The Professional Mistress

Professionally, the work is coming in at just the right pace, I have plenty of regular clients for sessions, I have the occasional paid article to write, and enough adult industry themed SEO work or social media strategy to advise on to keep me busy. It’s a great additional money stream in addition to my regular 9-5 job. I’ve even got a few more websites I’m working on in the background. They are niche in nature but again, they will be excellent for just generating money in the background. You’ll hear more about these websites as and when they go live.

The Lifestyle Mistress

Readers of this blog will recognise the names of my own personal submissives, Slave Felicity, Slave Olive and my main sub, Pony Slave. You may notice that mentions of these three may have waned slightly. Miss Felicity has found a very lovely girly and has put his panties, petticoats and chastity device aside to give 100% of his adoration and attention to his lady. I was elated for him yet sad to see him go. I began to see and hear from Slave Olive less and less for the same reason and it was really getting risky for him to be locked up by a Mistress so far away in case his girlfriend found him locked in his chastity device. I still talk to Felicity and Olive on occasion to hear about how they are getting on.

© Copyright Debbie J and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence

© Copyright Debbie J and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence

Pony is still my main submissive and I still talk to him every day as I have done since day one. He wishes me good morning and I always tell him good night. He sends me daily pictures of the gorgeous view outside his front window, including the large family of geese who live in the park just opposite. He knows that these are the things that make me smile. Over the last six months or so our schedules have become so hectic that we hardly get a chance to play together which of course makes me very sad. At the same time he is also considering moving to a new city, the entire UK and various parts of mainland Europe are on the list of prospective new homesteads. Will I miss him? Intensely, but as we were never partners there was always the understanding that this could happen.

At this point in time I am playing with occasional casual play partners, enjoying what time I have left with Pony while I am vetting various potential lifestyle subs. I have a very stringent set of prerequisites that have to be met before I will consider anybody. Why do I have pay subs and lifestyle subs? Lifestyle subs are always there, a constant in your life while clients simply come and go. You don’t really get a chance to bond with a paid client like you do with a lifestyle sub. Work and play are completely separate for me.

The Non-Mistress

Hectic, busy, hardly enough time to myself but most importantly happy. Hard at work during the day while in the background I’m juggling my time between a couple of web projects with my husband. They are all adult or fetish related of course and as we get the business going you will certainly hear all about these projects as they develop. I’m really very excited about them and it’s getting very hard for me to stay quiet about them but for the time being… I must.

What are your thoughts?