More Than He Bargained For

Domme and client

Domme and client

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Jeremy Williamson was an in-demand futures trader who lived and worked in the heart of London. When he wasn’t working long hours in Canary Wharf he was entertaining clients after-hours leaving little time for himself. The last so-called ‘date’ he went on was accompanying a 94 year old millionairess who had been with his company from the start to a charity ball. Much like any night as of late, there was no action to be had that night. His sex life was quite shallow and non-existent. Little did he know he was about to dive off the deep end.

It was the night of the biggest gala event of the year, Jeremy knew that going stag to these things was never a good idea. Most of his work colleagues were in the same boat and no one thought twice about hiring an escort. This time though he left it a little late so he hoped that his regular escort agency had someone available on very short notice.

“Good Evening. Goddesses of London how may I help you?”

“Yes, good evening. I’ve got a black tie gala to attend tonight, I wondered if any of your Elite ladies were available?” Jeremy said to the familiar voice on the other end of the line. The Elite escorts at Goddesses of London were highly refined ladies. Their prices were never less than £1000 per evening and the company they provided was always impeccably worth every penny.

“For tonight? I’m terribly sorry sir but all of our Elite ladies have been booked for the evening. Can I interest you in any of our other goddesses?”

Jeremy was disheartened, he immediately regretted not booking sooner. “Is there any chance there could be a cancellation? It is imperative that I have a beautiful, well refined lady on my arm tonight!!”

“I’m terribly sorry sir, most of our Elite girls are already out for the evening and they don’t usually get cancellations.”

“Is there anything you can do, I’m really in a bind here!”

“Well… I do have a girl from our sister company. She’s the same calibre as our Elite goddesses and charges the same rate but…”


“Sir, I feel that I should tell you..”

“I will not take no for an answer, I will expect her within the hour.” He gave his address, hung up the phone and continued to get ready for the evening wondering in his mind what this new girl would be like.

Forty-five minutes later there is a stern knock at the door. He opened the door to see a tall raven-haired beauty standing there. She almost looked unreal. Not one hair on her head was out of place and her dress, it was practically painted on her perfect physique. Her body was svelte yet she looked like solid muscle. She was such a sight to behold he was speechless.

“Well… don’t just stand there, invite me in!” Her commanding voice made his heart skip a beat.

“Yes of course, come in. I’m nearly ready and the car is on its way. In the meantime I can brief you on how the night will go. My name is Jeremy, I’m sorry the agency didn’t tell me your name. Can I get you a drink?”

She began to remove her gloves as she took a look around the exquisitely spacious flat. “Theresa Powers. I will have a water if you don’t mind and while you’re doing that I shall brief YOU on how the night will go.”

Jeremy stopped in his tracks. Did he hear her correctly? He handed her a glass of water

“Uhh, sure ok then ‘Brief me!'” he laughed.

She took a drink, set her glass on the table next to her never breaking eye contact. “Sit.”

“I need to find my cufflinks just shout loud enough that I can…”

SIT!” she forcefully interjected.

Jeremy was flabbergasted. “Listen, I don’t know who you think you are but…”

“I am Theresa Powers. Mistress Theresa Powers. You may call me Mistress Powers. This is how the night will go. You will do as I say and I will act like the perfect companion, cross me even once and you will soon regret it. First off you will have only one cocktail tonight if you still need a drink you will have water. You will introduce me to your colleagues as Miss Powers, nothing more.” She walked over to him as he stood bewildered and began tying his bow tie. She then picked up her clutch bag and took out a lacy red thong. “Put this on.”

“I… I don’t understand. I’m not… what is going on here?”

“You hired a Dominatrix my dear. As Clarence explained it all the Elite level girls from the escort side were booked. You were in a bind so they sent me. I am the Elite level Domme. I have been in complete control of some of London’s most powerful men and women. The more powerful they are, the kinkier their requests are. You can’t stand there and tell me you have no kink what so ever.”

Her gaze was powerful. He had never in his life felt intimidated by anther human being before. He was afraid, not just of her but of how the situation was making him feel. “I, well… I never really thought about it. I don’t really have time for relationships. While most people have the local pizza take away on speed dial, I have Goddesses of London. I don’t think I’ve not paid for sex in years.”

“Oh I won’t be having sex with you. That’s not what I’m about. Put these on NOW. I won’t ask you again.”

Jeremy’s heart began to race. He grabbed the thong and went into the bedroom. As he undressed he realised his cock was rock hard. ‘WHAT!?! NO not now! How is this even sexy?’ he thought. He slipped out of his briefs and shimmied into the thong all while trying to make his cock behave. He then zipped up his trousers, adjusted his tie in the mirror and gave his throbbing cock one last adjustment before he went back out into the living room.

“Any problems?” she asked as he came back into the room.

He replied with a doleful shake of his head.

“Good. I will check later to ensure you’re still wearing them.”

“What? How?” He began to break out in a sweat.

“I have my ways dear.”

“Look can you just drop the act and be the kind of escort most people would expect?”

“I could but your erection tells a different story all together. In London there are many escorts but you left it too late on a Friday at one of the busiest times of the year for escorts. You wanted Elite, you’ve got Elite. Deep inside you’re getting a thrill on a powerful woman taking control. Tonight is going to be an erotic roller coaster for you and I would wager any amount of money that your cock stays hard all through the evening.”

He could feel his cock straining against the lace of his g-string. He realised that although he wasn’t getting his way as he was so accustomed to, he felt that there may be some truth to what she had to say. Could he be getting turned on by submitting to a powerful woman? He wanted so bad to ask her to leave but then he thought about the alternative – going to the gala that night alone. There was no chance of that. Part of him also wanted to stay with her there for the night and see where this could go. He wasn’t quite ready for boot licking or anything like that but she did manage to get one of the most powerful men in London’s finance district to put on a red lacy thong without much argument. If his cock throbbed any more he thought he was going to blow his load in his very humiliating knickers. This was all more than he bargained for when he called his usual escort agency.

“Yes Miss.” The words just fell out of his mouth, he didn’t mean to say it but it just felt right. The tiny smile forming at the corner of Mistress Theresa’s mouth was so erotic that once again he could feel his heart beat in his throat. He felt hypnotised by her stern demeanour and drunk on her gaze. He wanted more.

“Come along, the car will be waiting for us by now. Walk behind me and don’t forget to lock up. Now help me with my coat.”

“Yes Miss.” He could tell already that Mistress Powers was going to be well worth ever last penny of her rate.

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More Than He Bargained For
It was the night of the biggest gala event of the year, Jeremy knew that going stag to these things was never a good idea. He usually never thinks twice about hiring an escort but this time he's left it a little late. Mistress Theressa ends up being more than he bargained for.

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  1. I was very drawn in with this mistress, in a way similar to what i found where i thought it doesn’t seem right to submit but you want to and the urge takes over, also like the idea of the thong :)

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