Mistress Selena’s Favourite Blood Sport

Cupping set

Cupping set

“Mistress, I feel like doing something extra special this weekend, I really want to push my limits. I want to be so afraid yet reassured with your caring touch. Mistress I am ready to further my experience and I would be honoured if you would take me there.” “Are you sure about this Pony? Do you trust your Mistress to take you to the edge and bring you back safely?” “Yes Mistress.” “Good” I say, “I know just the thing.” It was then that I knew my pony slave was ready for a little bit of Mistress Selena’s favourite blood sport – Wet cupping.

Bloodsport not blood sport

Blood sport, not Bloodsport

Now when I’m talking about blood sport, I’m not talking about Jean Claude Van Damme. I haven’t left the army to avenge my best friend’s murder and I don’t have an underground martial arts fighting ring in my basement (or do I?) It’s just my silly little name for any sort of blood play.

Saturday comes and I’m packing up my bag to get ready for my scene with Pony I send him a quick text. “Be sure to take an asprin soon so it will take effect before we play.” After a while I get a text back, “But Mistress, I want to feel what you do to me, I don’t want to miss out on the pain.” No worries there Pony, you’ll certainly feel it!

Hours later I arrive at my Pony‘s city centre flat which has the most amazing view over the city. Pony brings in my bag, dutifully unpacks it and sets up the play space while I drink the lovely cup of tea he has made for me in advance. He gazes at each item as he pulls it out of my bag. Alcohol swabs, clinical wipes, sterile gauze, plasters, gloves, suction cup set and… his eyes widen as he pulls out my supply of needles. “Don’t forget the sharps bin, Pony. I’ll need a place to put the needles when I’m done.” As he works I turn up the thermostat to keep the room warm and ready my aftercare supplies.

Cupping set

Cupping set

Once I have sanitised our play surface it is time to begin the blood sport! With a fresh pair of gloves I take a sterile alcohol swab and clean a patch of his skin wide enough to ensure I have plenty of room to work safely. I purr as I gently stroke his skin with the cool swab, “Do you trust Mistress?”. “Yes Mistress, I’m ready.” “Are you sure? Last chance before we begin the blood sport and don’t forget you can always use your safeword if this gets to be too much.” “Yes Mistress, I’m ready for you to do as you please.” he says calmly. “Good, let’s begin.”

So begins the blood sport!

I take each needle out of its sterile packaging and carefully pierce the top layer of his skin. The needle slides in easily and gently glides out the other side. “How are you feeling, everything ok? Are you ok to keep going?” “I’m fine Mistress, thank you.” I work methodically as I choose prime spots for my needle placement taking care not to stick myself. Pony and I are fully aware of our bloodborne pathogen statuses but it’s always best to avoid a needle stick just in case. I can already see that the asprin is doing its work as thin riverlets of blood start to gently trickle down his sides and onto the vinyl drop sheet. I can tell this is going to be a great wet cupping session!

Cupping set

Cupping set

This is where it gets interesting. Once I have all the needles in I carefully remove the first one and deposit it in the sharps container. I take my sterilised cupping set and place the first cup over the place where the needle was. Pony jumps at the cold plastic material but I see to it he is calm before I continue. Once the cup is in place I take the trigger and give it a few tentative squeezes. Pony’s bright red blood begins to fill the cup instantly as I check in on him once again. “Everything ok? Feeling alright?” “Yes Mistress, I’m fine to go on.” I give the trigger one more good squeeze and then I develop a pattern – remove the needle, drop it in the sharps container, place the suction cup and give it a few squeezes. When I’m done Pony has five vacuum suction cups attached to his back all filling up with blood.

“Oh Mistress, I wish I could see your work.” No worries Pony, I’ll snap a few images for you so you can see how brave you’re being tonight.” I grab a few photos close up and wide enough to capture everything. I let him sit while I pour us each a cup of tea. “I’m so proud of you Pony, you’ve done well tonight. I hope the sight of your own blood won’t freak you out because there’s quite a bit of it!” His eyes get wide and I’m imagining in his head the elevator scene from The Shining is playing in slow motion.

“Don’t worry Pony, Mistress is here. If you feel off for any reason let me know and I will take care of it.” I begin to gently release the cups and catch the now slightly gelatinous blood blob in the cup to dispose of later. So far so good. I do the same with the remaining cups and finish with a final wipe down with alcohol swabs which stings my pony. Because of the asprin the places where I placed the needles are still bleeding a bit so apply firm pressure and apply a sweet Mr. Bump plaster to keep it clean. I show the blood clots to pony and it proves too much for him! I leave him to his floaty feeling and take them away and dispose of them in the toilet. When I return he is gingerly sipping his cup of tea.

“So did I push your limits today? More importantly, did you enjoy yourself with my favourite blood sport?” “Yes Mistress, I did. I never thought I would ever try anything with needles but I feel so safe with you that it just seemed so right.”

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