Slave Olive Reviews the Birdlocked Mini

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

When I keep a boy in chastity, I always suggest they pick a device for comfort rather than looks. The last thing I want to hear is, “Whah Whah, this chastity device is chopping my nuts off!” Some subbies opt for cheap knock-offs (and pay for it with pinching later). I was quite pleased when Slave Olive picked out a genuine Birdlocked Mini from Uberkinky.

I had heard that the silicone material was soft, flexible and comfortable when it comes to having an active lifestyle so I was very interested to hear how he would get on with it. After nine months of being under my control I figured he would be able to give a well rounded and honest account of his experience. He has written me a review for his chastity device to share with all of you. Wasn’t that nice of him? So without further ado, here’s Slave Olive to tell you all about Birdlocked Mini.

Mistress Selena has asked me to write a review of my Birdlocked Mini chastity device, so here goes!

I love wearing the Birdlocked Mini for Mistress

Slave Olive trying to get in his chastity device

Slave Olive trying to get in his Birdlocked Mini

The Birdlocked is a silicone chastity device. I have worn it for periods of up too 2 weeks solid with no problems. I’m sure it can easily be worn for much longer periods without removal. It is very comfortable, as the silicone is a little flexible and allows for some growth of the penis, and does not cause too much pain when the penis tries to become erect. I wear a Birdlocked Mini, and so it is more constricting than the standard model, but I am on the small side, so this is the main reason I bought it. It is very easy to clean due to the flexibility of the device.

It is secure in so far as I am unable to pull out of the device and I am not able to remove it, without Mistress’ knowledge. Whether this would be the case for all chastity slaves, I don’t know. The cage does have some flexibility and so as a result, I am able to give my penis some slight stimulation whilst locked in, but for me, nowhere near enough to achieve an unauthorized orgasm. Again, whether others could do so, I am unable to comment.
Desperate chastity slut
In so far as any recommendations – Well it really depends on what your needs and expectations are. If you want a very secure tamper proof device, your best off with something more serious. A metal device, perhaps even with a PA piercing and security screws! I suppose it depends how much you trust your keyholdee. I could theoretically cut the locking strap with a pair of scissors!

If you’re a newbie and starting to experiment with chastity, then the Birdlocked is an ideal starting point.

Just some basic stats on the Birdlocked Mini:

  • Made completely from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Total sheath length : 3.3 inches (85 mm)
  • Ring length: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
  • Sheath length : 2.12 inches (55 mm)
  • Tube diameter : 1.18 inches (30 mm)
  • Number of air holes: 5
  • Minimum silicone thickness: 0.15 inches (4 mm)

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About Slave Olive

Slave Olive came to Mistress Selena first to gather information about male chastity. He felt so comfortable with the way Mistress patiently explained how to get the best out of chastity play that he immediately purchased his first chastity device and locked himself in. He has been under Mistress Selena's control ever since.

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