Meeting Slave Olive for a Cash Point Meet

Cash Point Meet
While relaxing on Friday evening I received a message from my chastity slut, Slave Olive. Usually he’s looking for a little attention from Mistress to make fun of his misery while his pathetic worm is locked away in his trusty Birdlocked Mini. This was different though; He had been reading about cash point meets and he was game. He asked me if I would be so kind as to rape his wallet for him in person. How could I say no?

Financial Domination

Financial Domination

I decided that he would drive the two and a half hours to the cash point nearest to me wearing his bra, knickers and his unlocked chastity device under his clothing, he would sit in my car to prove to me that he was dressed appropriately and then saunter off to the cash point to get me my money. I said I would march him to the ATM myself to add a little encouragement. He flipped out and upped his initial tribute of £50 up to £70 if he could go alone. Hmm, ok then!

Saturday he texted me to let me know he was setting off on his humiliating journey to personally hand me a cash tribute. Two and a half hours later I received a second text to say that Slave Olive was obediently waiting for me at my local Tesco car park. I made the very short trip and pulled up along side him. He opened the door and asked for permission to sit in my car. Once inside he quickly showed me that he was indeed wearing his bra, knickers and unlocked chastity device. I quickly locked the padlock in place, placed the keys on my silver chain and sent him on his merry way to the cash point.

Upon his return, Slave Olive again obediently asked permission to sit in my car. He quickly handed me a wad of crisp, new notes which I made sure to count right in front of him before tucking my barely earned cash into my bra. After a quick chat mainly to ensure he would get home safe I sent him on his merry way back to the other side of the country. Yet another humiliating two and a half hour journey with a gently raped wallet and a safely secured cock. I certainly enjoyed Slave Olive’s new fetish!

You’ve read my side of the story now you can read all about Slave Olive‘s experience… – Mistress Selena

Dressed to be chaste

Sexy pay pig

I read about cash point meets yesterday and was intrigued. I had been orgasm free for a couple of days so probably more so than I would have been normally. I mentioned it to my Mistress and key holder, and she seemed to like the idea. It was decided that today, I would drive to Mistresses nearest atm, meet her in her car, go and withdraw cash, go back to Mistresses car, hand it over then drive all the way home. I should mention that Mistress lives on the other side of the country so it was roughly a 5 hour round trip.

After some discussion, it was decided I was to also wear my lingerie. Mistress was also to click shut a new padlock on my chastity cage and keep the only keys. I was informed that it would be verified that I was wearing my underwear in Mistresses car, as well as having the new padlock attached. This was to happen in the car park of Mistresses local Tesco’s.

I set off in plenty of time, as it was a long drive. On the way, I picked up a new padlock to hand to Mistress. I was the first to arrive. I text Mistress to let her know and she said she would be a few minutes. I waited for what felt like an eternity dripping in anxiety. I was very nervous.

I saw Mistress pull into the car park, and she took a space a couple down from me. I got out of my car and into Mistresses. Mistress looked stunningly beautiful. I felt lucky to have such a gorgeous keyholder! I handed Mistress the padlock. It was then handed back to me for me to open the packet. Mistress then took the padlock out and unlocked it, as they come locked.

Mistress was very business-like and matter of fact about the whole thing. Once Mistress had sorted her padlock she said, “Ok, lets have it.” I took that as an order to undo my pants. I did so revealing my thong panties. Mistress had the lock in her hand. I pulled my panties to one side, and mistress placed the padlock through the hasp, and clicked it shut!

Safe keyholding

Safe keyholding

A wave of helplessness rushed through me as I heard the lock click shut, Mistress said, “there you go” and I thanked her. Mistress said I was welcome and then reminded me that I had to show her my bra. I pulled my shirt to the side to show my bra strap, but Mistress wasn’t happy with this as she couldn’t see. I pulled my shirt down to show her I was wearing the bra as instructed. All this in Tesco’s car park with people milling around! Mistress the placed the keys to my chastity tube on her necklace, then said, “Ok off you pop.”

I knew what I had to do. I fastened my pants, stuffing my locked up genitals away with the new padlock, and got out the car. I walked over to the cash point, withdrew the money and walked back to Mistresses car. I handed the cash over, and Mistress stuffed it in her bra. We had a brief chat for a few minutes until Mistress said, “Right, that’s it, off you pop.”

I got back into my own car. Id never felt so used vulnerable and humiliated. I started the long drive back home, horny, frustrated, desperate and balls aching more than ever. – Slave Olive

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Meeting Slave Olive for a Cash Point Meet
I read about cash point meets yesterday and was intrigued. I mentioned it to my Mistress and she seemed to like the idea. It was decided that today I would drive 2.5 hours to Mistress' nearest cash point.

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