Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ with Paddles

Spanking Paddles

Spanking Paddles

I love impact play, floggers are my favourite of course but paddles are great in their own right. Maybe that’s why they’re this week’s Kink of the Week. Above you can see most of my horde of paddles… I’m sure there’s one or two more stored at subs’ houses or packed in a gear bag. Am I a hoarder or is there a particular reason why I have so many different paddles?

The Bondage Man

The Bondage Man

Maybe it’s a little of both but the way I see it I like having a variety of paddles to choose from depending on my mood, the scene I have planned, the venue and even the limits of the bottom who is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of my swing. If I’m planning a flogging scene I will take maybe two or three smaller paddles to warm up the skin before I get into heavy duty impact play. If I’m playing with someone looking for a true disciplinarian type scene I will fill a bag with the majority of my paddles. A beginner? I will predominantly take gentler paddles with one or two more intense ones for in case they get brave. A demo? I take them all.

While preparing for a scene I methodically line up my chosen paddles in order by severity within reach. I may or may not use them all but I generally like to start off with the less harsh paddles and move up through the intensity. When the bottom is nearing their limit I switch it up by going back down the line a little bit before going back to the more intense paddles. The unused paddles will have a cold surface which feels intense against the warmed up skin. It helps the scene last much longer and the bottom gets to experience the highs and lows of their own body chemistry.

I do have a couple of favourites in my array of spanking paddles. The paddle that is not only the most fun to use but also leaves the best marks is the horse feed stirrer. It delivers a super loud crack as the air is sent rushing out through the concave central channel. It leaves beautiful perfectly parallel lines on naughty bums.

The round multi-coloured paddle is actually a small trivot from Ikea. This bastard of a paddle creates an even louder crack than the horse feed stirrer. The impact is a slight sting at first and then seconds later there’s a harsh after burn which can be felt crawling deep into the flesh up to a minute later.

'Orrible Black Thing

‘Orrible Black Thing

I would have to say that the most devastating paddle in my collection would have to be my OBT – ‘Orrible Black Thing. Made by a local kinkster who runs a stall at area munches and events. They are all hand made from recycled materials so handles will be made out of old chairs. He also made the long, brown Buffalo Beater in the centre of my image above and the spiked slapper paddle next to it.

The ‘Orrible Black Thing is made from a Kevlar reenforced rubber conveyor belt salvaged from a closed down factory. That’s right, it’s a bullet proof paddle! When I put in an order for an OBT with this kinky craftsman, he made a one off just for me. An extra special paddle for an extra special Domme. Aww!

This fucker is brutal! The shock wave from the impact is felt deep deep down and it leaves bright purple bruises on most people. If I’m working with a real leather-arse and the regular paddles don’t really do it for them, I reach for the ‘Orrible Black Thing.

The Bettie Paige paddle from Lovehoney isn’t all that great for bums but it is great for photography or for genitals. The fourth paddle from the left is my Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper which I reviewed one year ago today.

So would you like to be put over my knee and have a go with some of my paddles? Contact me and we’ll work something out for the perfect spanking scene for you.

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  1. I always appreciate tops who know how their implements work and how painful they are likely to be! The OBT looks utterly vicious…

    I own the Jackbook one, and have never gotten up the gumption to be whacked with it. Hmmm.

    xx Dee

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