Thirty Days of Kink: Day Ten – How Far

Stop signDay ten of the Thirty Days of Kink is all about hard limits. Just how far are you willing to go? There isn’t much that I can completely rule out during playtime but out of most of my hard limits I’d say they are vehement no-gos. Want to know what Mistress Selena deems off-limits?

Traffic LightI’d say my hard limits are half personal squicks and half ‘just have some common sense’ with a few randoms thrown in for good measure. I’m not easily pushed past my limits or even easily grossed out so I’ve started this blog post so many times now. I figure by now I’ve had enough time to think it all thought out well enough that I can get most of my hard limits out in print.

  • Sex with subs
    It’s just not done. For me sex is something I have with my husband and no one else. We know each other’s bodies and how to please one another. My relationships with my subs are always deeply loving but it’s a platonic love that never transcends any sexual barriers. My subs never see me nude and that’s just the way it is. BDSM for me does not equal sex.
  • Vomit
    I am a massive emetephobe. If someone says they have a little bit of a stomachache I am off like a shot! I will not do Roman showers and I will not play with someone who has just eaten. I also will not push someone so hard that they throw up. If it were to happen I would make them clean it up but I’d rather prefer it didn’t happen in the first place!
  • Playing while intoxicated
    I hate this one with a passion and I definitely will not tolerate it. It’s just a very stupid thing to do, if you feel you need to be intoxicated in order to do something because you’re nervous then you shouldn’t fucking well do it. Drugs and alcohol impair your judgement making it hard to determine if you’re ok to carry on in a scene whether you’re the top or bottom. Basic safety goes out the window. Not only that but while you’re playing your body chemistry is constantly changing and adding drugs and alcohol into the mix can have a negative effect. You could even miss out on the wonderful nirvana that is subspace. Don’t mix BDSM with drink or drugs.
  • Bad hygiene
    If I can smell you from across the room I’m out. Also, before any sort of anal play I would prefer that the recipient has thoroughly douched hours in advance and any rogue traces of bog roll have been disentangled from the hair around your arsehole. I’m working back there so please tidy up before I anally invade you.
  • EyeEyeball licking
    Fuck that, I’m not licking your eyeball. That shit’s not sanitary. I’ve done it once on a dare and it’s not a texture I’d like to experience again *shudder*

Apart from these few things everything pretty much has a green light to go. There may be a few things I’d have to work my way up to or even take a deep breath before embarking but the above items are for me definitley off limits to me. These are the lines I would never cross.

What are your thoughts?