Beginner’s Guide to Electro Sex – The Bare Essentials

Electro Sex

Electro Sex Beginner’s Guide

There are plenty of beginner’s guides to electro sex out there but a majority of them tend to cause more confusion rather than clarity. If you’ve ever considered dipping your toes in the kinky waters of electro sex and you have no idea where to start then my electro sex guide should help.

What is electro sex and how do I do it?

I’m not talking about sticking your dick in a socket – Electro sex is where you use electrical impulses to create sensual or painful sensations by using specially designed power boxes and accessories. These accessories can be located in many different locations to allow you to vary the sensation. Electro sex can be a bit overwhelming when you look at all the different options available. The major brands like E-Stim or ElectraStim are great places to start as they have all inclusive kits with everything you need to get started in your electro sex experimentation right out of the box. Both brands come with lead wires which once you get the hang of things allow you to easily expand your kit as your experience grows.

I will break this up into a series of guides in sizable chunks. Not only will this keep things tidy but it will also keep things from feeling too overwhelming. Today, I am going over the bare essentials of electro sex. I will explain common terms you may come across when searching for your growing kit and put them into easily understood terms. I’m no electrician so there’s no risk of me using terms that the average non-electrical engineer wouldn’t understand. For more information, check out my guide to electro sex safety.

Electro Sex for beginners vocabulary

  • HFO – Hands free orgasm
    Hands Free OrgasmA hands free orgasm is… well, an orgasm which is achieved without touching your genitals with your hands. When it comes to electro sex an HFO or hands free orgasm is the holy grail of electro play. Most often you will hear about men experiencing a hands free orgasm using cock straps, sounds or prostate massagers but never fear, women are are not excluded from the HFO fun. The various speeds and patterns of electro current coursing through your nether regions can build up to an explosive orgasm without getting your hands sticky.
  • Power box
    Electro sex power boxThe electro sex power box is the main unit which controls the different electrical impulses. Some are powered by mains while others are powered by batteries. This box is where your lead wire/s connect. With the electro sex power box depending on the unit you can control the patterns, speeds, and power level. You need an electro sex power box in order to power an electrode.
  • Lead wire
    Electro sex leadwireThe lead wire is what connects the power box to your electrode. One end connects to the power box with a jack plug. This jack plug will often resemble the jack found at the end of your headphones but beware, jack plugs come in different sizes so you need to make sure you have the correct size. On the other end you will find the connection point for your electrodes. Some power boxes take a TENS style lead wire so always check before you buy.
  • Electrode
    Electro sex electrodeThe electrode is the item which comes into contact with the body to create the electrical sensations. There are many different styles of electrodes including sticky pads, insertables, clamps and contact electrodes. Electrodes can be mono-polar, bi-polar, tri-polar or quadri-polar but we will go into that later. Electrodes connect to the lead wire with either a 2mm, 4mm or snap connection.
  • Mono-polar or uni-polar electrode
    Electro sex electrodesIf the electrode has one connection port it is a mono-polar electrode. In order for you to feel a sensation you will need two mono-polar electrodes connected to the lead wire and both will need to be in contact with the body. This completes the circuit and allows the electrical current to flow from one electrode to the other. Many small sticky pads and urethral sounds are mono-pole electrodes.
  • Bi-polar electrode
    Bi-polar-electrodeBi-polar electrodes will have two connections to attach to your lead wire. They are self contained electrodes which complete the circuit on their own as long as both connections are connected to the same lead wire. Both contacts on the electrode will need to be in contact with the body in order to feel the sensation. Many medical style probes, dildos and butt plugs will be bi-polar electrodes.
  • Tri-polar electrode
    Tri-polar-electrodeA tri-polar electrode can offer a little versatility in your electro sex play. You get three different conductive points which can give you different sensations as the current leaps from point to point. Use the three different connections to try all the different combinations with your lead wire and experience the electrical stimulation in different areas.
  • Quadri-polar electrode
    Quadri-polar-electrodeA quadri-polar electrode has four conductive points which allow you to create different combinations. You can use a quadri-polar as a bi-polar electrode using a single channel electro sex power box or you can use all four conductive posts using both channels of a dual channel/dual output power box. In order for a quadri-polar electrode to work you will need to connect either two or all four connections in order to complete the circuit.
  • Tri-Phase
    Triphase cableA tri-phase cable is used with electro sex power boxes which have multi-channel outputs to create a three dimensional experience. For example you can connect one bi-polar electrode and one mono-polar electrode to allow the current to pass between all three points. Three mono-polar electrodes can also be used such as the combination of two cock straps and a urethral sound. The photo at the right shows a specially made tri-phase cable made by E-Stim Systems.
  • Channel
    OutputsThe channel on an electro sex power box refers to the socket or sockets where you plug your lead wire in. A power box can be single channel, dual channel or multi-channel depending on how many sockets it comes with. Dual channel electro sex power boxes can be either single output (the controls control both electrodes) or dual output (two sets of controls one for each electrode) so investigate before you buy.
  • Output
    Output controlsThis refers to the ability to control an individual channel. You may hear the term ‘dual output’ which means the electro sex power box is dual channel and each channel can be controlled independently with their own set of controls. This allows you to use two different electrodes on one person or two and give each one customized patterns and power settings. For example you can plug in a set of cock straps and an electro butt plug and control the settings individually.
  • Completing the circuit
    Electro sex circuitCompleting the circuit means giving the electrical current a path to follow. When using two mono pole electrodes, both electrodes need to be in contact with the body to give the current a place to travel between. For instance if you place only one mono pole electrode on the body, the electricity has nowhere to travel. A bi-polar electrode will have two built in electrodes located on either side of a non-conductive isolator. This allows the current to leave one side, through the skin and be received by the other side. Both sides of a bi polar need to be in contact with the skin in order to feel the sensations.
  • Electrogel
    Mystim electrogelElectro sex electrogel is a water-based lubricant which improves the conductivity of your electrodes giving you a heightened electro sensation. Some gels contain a higher percentage of saline while others will contain flakes of conductive metal such as gold. This allows more current to travel through for an intensified sensation. Some items like pinwheels may require the use of an electrogel in order to feel the current.
  • Violet Wands
    Violet WandA violet wand is an electro sex toy which is enjoyed on the outside of the body. Its sensations are made not by contact but with electrical current jumping a gap between the electrode and the skin. The stimulation can vary from a delightful tickle to an intense sensation. A violet wand comes with a variety of different glass electrodes each of which provide a different sensation.

Electro sex can be a fun and rewarding addition to your erotic repertoire but when you don’t know the first thing about it electro sex can feel overwhelming. Hopefully this guide as well as the others in the series will help dispel the mystery about it and allow you to indulge in electro sex fun. This is a work in progress so if you feel I’ve missed anything or if you have any questions about electro sex please let me know in the comments and I will be sure to address it.

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