I Took my Pony Slave Shopping

Taking pony shopping“Go in the other room, strip down to your underpants and wait for me. I will be with you in one minute.” My pony slave immediately does as he’s told and marches into the other room. When I go in, he is stood there patiently waiting with his clothes neatly folded and placed over his shoes in a tidy pile. In this room I have left my white 8mm cotton bondage rope and this time he made sure to have it near by and ready for me because he knew what was about to take place.

I began by slowly wrapping the centre bight of my rope around the back of his neck. He is looking down and it’s hard to tell if he’s looking at the floor or down my top. He can be a dirty pony at times so I don’t think I need to ask. I tie off a non-slip knot and twist the rope three times before I maneuver the rope between his mighty legs. I see he’s already getting excited about what I’m doing to him and his slight arousal is interfering with my rope.

Bondage Rope

Bondage Rope

“Fix the rope so that it’s comfortable around your cock and balls. I’m not going to do it for you. Do it now. This is your only chance.” He situates the rope on either side of the erection barely constrained in his underpants and I am able to carry on. At the back I bring the rope back up to the back of his neck to pass it through the neck loop and pull it snug.

“Aren’t you glad I made you adjust the rope?” I breathed into his neck. “Yes Mistress.” he calmly replies. I carry on creating a Karada rope harness leaving his arms free. He dutifully raises his arms when I need him to and he knows right when I need him to hold the rope for me and where. I have him very well trained.

Once I have him tied off I instruct him to put his clothes back on because we are going out. My pony slave wastes no time in getting dressed. I check him over to see if my rope is at all visible under his clothing and then we hop into my car for the short trip to the supermarket.

As we arrive I see my nosy neighbor looking right at us. I make sure to wave and say hello looking her right in the eye as I’m being followed by my subtly bound subbie. I think she has an idea of what I’m getting up to but she won’t admit it. I order my pony slave to grab a trolley and to follow me.

With every isle I bark my commands, “Three of those, and get me the freshest croissants”, “A packet of tortellini and make sure there are no broken tortellinis in the pack or I’ll take it out on your arse.” My pony slave pushed the trolly behind me and filled it with all the items from my list as I commanded.

I decided I would have a little added fun on our shopping trip so I led my ever trusty steed over to the feminine products aisle. We stood there and I asked him, “Do you still feel my rope or has it become comfortable?” “Oh, it’s quite comfortable Mistress, thank you.” he replies. I grab the Karada at the back, almost like picking up a cat by the scruff of the neck (not a very nice thing to do to a cat BTW) and pull sharply upwards for an immediate reminder that I have him bound. “Do you feel it now?” “… Y…Yes Mistress.” “Good, let’s continue.”

PantylinerJust then two ladies entered the feminine products isle to browse. This was my chance to turn on the humiliation. “Pony, I want a bottle of FemFresh fanny wash… no not that bottle, it’s dirty. Ok now I want a pack of Always normal plus with wings and make sure the packet isn’t torn.” As he was doing this I looked over at the panty liners, most of the boxes were crushed. I could see I was going to have a field day! Add to this more women were coming into the aisle to shop.

“Thank you pony, that’s great. Now I’m going to need some unscented Carefree panty liners, no not those, the box is crushed! You wouldn’t want me to use panty liners from a crushed box would you?” Nearby ladies looked up and smiled at my pony slave’s plight. “Keep looking for a box that isn’t damaged, maybe there’s some at the back.” There he was arms full of Carefree unscented panty liners looking for a perfect box for Mistress. You had better believe that when he did finally find the perfect box I made him put every last box back perfectly, just the way we had found it.

Now it was time to check out. I picked an empty till and my pony slave dutifully emptied the trolly onto the conveyer belt and then quickly ran over to begin bagging my groceries. The cashier was impressed at how trained I had my pony, “What a handy little helper you have there!” Yes, he is very obedient isn’t he?” I smiled.

Shopping Trolley

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Once I paid my pony pushed the cart out to my car and filled the boot. Because I have a very small car, there wasn’t enough room in the boot for all of the bags so I instructed him to get in the passenger seat and strap himself in. I then piled the remaining bags at his feet and in his lap. “If you crush my croissants I will beat your ass pony, is that clear?” “Yes Mistress.”

Once home without asking my pony slave brought the bags in and put away all of my groceries while I sat on the settee. When he was done he was then allowed to sit on the floor at my feet.

“Thank you pony, I am very pleased with your service.” I stroked his hair. I could see his pulse race in his neck which made me purr with delight. He stroked my stocking feet and gave them a gentle kiss. “Rest now pony, you’ve got the grass to cut next.”

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