So Baby, Talk Dirty to Me

Slag Olive wearing his dirty talk

Slag Olive wearing his dirty talk

This week’s Kink of the Week is Dirty Talk. To me dirty talk is all part of a good scene in one way or another. Whether it’s to humiliate, to tease or to arouse a submissive I always like to employ a little dirty talk to enhance the experience and make it truly special.

Dirty talk

Often when someone comes to play with me they’re looking for an escape, they want to step outside of themselves for just a moment and be someone else. It helps to build on this experience and further it along if I pick a name for them like Felicity, Slave Olive and Pony Slave for instance. When you’re barking orders at someone who begs to serve at your feet which sounds sexier and more authoritative: ‘Lick my boots bitch!’ or ‘Lick my boots Bob!’?

I will regularly contact my subs via WhatsApp during the day to inject a little random dirty talk into their day. I’ll give them a humiliating task or a naughty recollection of our most recent play time. I’ll remind them that in no uncertain terms that their place is beneath my feet and under my thumb. My personal favourite is to demand photographic evidence that they’ve done as I requested. “The next time you go to the toilet I will require a photo of your pathetic maggot locked away in your chastity device.”

Here’s a short list of some of my favourite things to day to my little piggies:

  • You like licking the dirt from my heels don’t you bitch?
  • I’m going to crush your cock under my shoe
  • When you’re done defiling yourself, I want you to eat every drop of your jizz
  • You’re lower than worms
  • Ponies aren’t allowed to sit on the furniture, get on the floor
  • My sissy looks so sweet in her pretty pink knickers
  • I hope your pathetic cock isn’t dribbling and leaving pecker tracks in your knickers. You’ll only have to lick them clean!

Because I’m a huge fan I thought I’d include this video. Do you think this was the sort of thing Poison had in mind when they wrote Talk Dirty to Me?

Kink of the Week

3 thoughts on “So Baby, Talk Dirty to Me

  1. Giggling at “Lick my boots, Bob!” Um, yeah, the other way is MUCH hotter.

    Dirty talk really can set and enhance a scene, right from the get-go.

  2. I, too, loled at “Lick my boots, Bob!” Priceless. I think that this kind of language is really important in fantasy type scenes. It’s very different than what I’m into, but I can absolutely see how it sets the stage and strengthens the fantasy!

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