Slave Olive’s Ongoing Chastity Experience

Desperate chastity slut
I asked my good Slave Olive to give my readers an update on his ongoing chastity experience. I wanted to know how everyday tasks were different now that his pathetic little cock was locked away for safe keeping. Don’t forget, Olive’s first experience with a chastity device was only just this past June and his first time sending me the keys to his chastity device was about a month later in late July. He’s come a long way in just six short months and I feel his experience can help others curious about male chastity realise that it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Mistress Selena has told me to lock my penis away again today, and then demanded a piece of writing describing my experience of being locked in a chastity device, so here goes.

Slave Olive trying to get in his chastity device

Slave Olive trying to get in his chastity device

I suppose one can split the effects of chastity into two categories. The physical and the psychological. Getting the cage locked on in the first place is a little bit of a challenge, physically as it is. Particularly as I’m often, how shall we say, excited when I am doing so. Sitting around for a while trying to think pure thoughts is usually involved until my penis is small enough to squeeze into the tight little tube with the help of lube. Then inserting the locking strap, and pulling it tight. Of course, the attachment of the padlock and clicking it shut has psychological implications. An immediate feeling of helplessness washes over me, closely followed by frustration and the thought of how much I desire to masturbate and cum. This feeling doesn’t go away really, until Mistress decides I may release. I immediately go into “subby mode” I suppose.

Living with the device on a day to day basis is easy enough. I have to sit to pee which is a reminder of my status. I have to remember to shower after I pee so as to keep the device clean. Its quite easy to keep the device clean as I wear a silicone device that allows for some flexibility. Waking up in the morning and not being able to masturbate is very strange and frustrating indeed. The mornings are the worst for this! My hand instinctively goes to my cock and is met only by a silicone tube. I seem to get desperate quite quickly, I’m sure Mistress will attest to this.

Sticky Chastity Cuckold

Sticky Slave Olive

Whilst my mind is on other things, particularly at work, I sometimes forget its there. At home, relaxing on a day off, I’m constantly aware that its there. I feel my cock trying to grow and the loop behind my balls rubbing! A little Vaseline sorts this problem. The longer I wear it, and the fuller my balls get, the more desperate and frustrated I become. I start to drip pre cum regularly with it streaming out the end of the tube. The longest I’ve gone in the cage without relief is 10 days. I dread to think what I would be like for longer than this! Sometimes, Ive spent whole days dreaming of what it would be like to cum.

I have on occasion tried to give myself a little stimulation by squeezing the cage, although I try not to do this as I know it would displease Mistress. It has only ever resulted in more frustration. I can tell I would in no way be able to orgasm by doing this. I haven’t tried to escape, but the cage is very tight, and I’m pretty sure I would not be able to pull out.

That’s pretty much my experience in chastity under Mistress Selena’s control. I don’t think I’ve had a “worst moment” as all of the above is the whole idea I guess. Mistress’s pleasure and satisfaction is what matters not mine. If that means being locked up with no orgasms, then so be it.

Just on a side note. Mistress currently has me blackmailed with several compromising photos of me, many showing my face. I wouldn’t want those to go public, so I have to keep Mistress supplied with gifts and vouchers. I have also been obliged to send gift cards to one of Mistress’s friends which was equally humiliating.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Slag Olive

Slag Olive

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