Tights and Stockings – For Him and for Her

Fishnet StockingsWearing a sexy pair of tights with a pair of patent leather high heels is all it takes for me to feel like a sexy and sophisticated Domme. I usually wear interesting patterns or fishnets but my favourite kind of tights or stockings would have to be any kind with a back seam. The look of a back seam is such a turn on. It’s classy and sexy but not only that, it draws the eyes up to a lovely curvy bum like mine.

One of my main attractions as a Dominant (after chastity play of course) is that I love to receive foot worship. Kisses, licks and foot rubs feel amazing through a pair of silky nylons. Their hands glide effortlessly over the soft material, sometimes they will worship my stockings by trailing a line of kisses up the backseam. Worms will beg me to let them rub their disgusting cocks on my tights or even to allow them to defile my stockings by blowing their load on them. Mucky pups!

Mistress Selena's Stocking Feet

Mistress Selena’s Stocking Feet

My absolute favourite pair of tights have actually lasted me quite a long time. I usually go through tights like water as I am constantly getting ladders in them, it’s as if they’re disposable! Wear once and toss them out. My pair of black tights with love-hearts and a back seam have been with me for at least two years now. There’s a tiny ladder under the foot but so far it hasn’t spread. When I wear these I just have to remember not to take my heels off!

Pretty Polly makes some really nice stockings with so many interesting patterns and they’re available in plus size! These tights are always comfortable and super sexy. I always try to buy two or three of the same pattern if I see something I like just so I’ll have another when I get the inevitable ladder. If you’d like to help keep me in my favourite stockings you can do so by visiting my Amazon Wish List. If I receive more stockings from a lovely admirer I will take more foot worship pictures.

Tights for Men

Slave Olive's Tights

Slave Olive’s Tights

Not only do I enjoye wearing a sexy pair of stockings but two of my three personal slaves do occasionally wear a pair of tights as well. Slave Felicity wears them for pleasure while Slave Olive wears them as humiliation. It’s two different ends of the sissification spectrum and I love being a part of it. I can either play dress up with my pretty little girly Felicity or I can make slave Olive take humiliating pictures of himself for a bit of blackmail later. Both are always locked up in their chastity devices when they’re wearing their tights.

If you would like to worship my stockings in person or purchase some of my worn tights then get in touch. Same goes if you would like for me to force you to wear ladies’ stockings. I’ll make sure you obey.

Who knew tights could be so kinky! I certainly enjoyed this edition of Kink of the Week. I can’t wait to see what comes next week!

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4 thoughts on “Tights and Stockings – For Him and for Her

  1. Those seams with hearts are gorgeous! And I have the same issues, I’m sure stockings are only meant to be worn once, I manage to rip them just by looking at them! As much as I like the slutty look I want to start off being classy :-)

  2. I rip my stockings all the time too. :-(
    Thanks for this post – I was wondering if anyone would show or talk about men in them, because I know many men get into wearing them as much as women!

  3. I love that this KOTW topic has brought out so many people’s love for stockings with a back seam. I don’t have any at the moment, but this has totally inspired me to buy some more!

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