My Latest Floggermeister Acquisition

Floggermeister Skull Flogger

I love my Floggermeister toys and at KFS Leeds last July I put in an order for one of Floggermeister’s new Skull Floggers. Due to their popularity there was a long waiting period and in that time I also took advantage of a sale they were running and a gift certificate I received for being an amazing customer which of course made my wait even longer. Was it worth it? Oh hell yes! Just look at my beautiful new toys!

Floggermeister Toys

Floggermeister Toys

Want to know more about them? There’s the Heavy Loopy Jonny Spanking Loops, Flamethrower, Dragon of Ninetails and the aforementioned Metal Skull Paracord Flogger. I will be reviewing each one individually so stay tuned for intimate photos and how they performed.

What are your thoughts?