Kink of the Week – Gas Mask Fetish

Gas Mask fetish

Gas Mask fetish

Gas masks are an interesting kink. They can be the finishing touch for a fantastic post apocalyptic fetish look or they can be used in the edge play practice of breath play. They add a bit of mystery to the play leaving the eyes as the only line of communication. Perhaps this is why they are this week’s Kink of the Week.

Gas Mask Fetish

Gas Mask Fetish

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with quite a few people with many different types of gas masks and they’ve worn them for different reasons. Most enthusiasts will wear a rubber gas mask as a fetish fashion accessory. They compliment a great full body latex outfit and shine up brilliantly with a bit of silicone lubricant. A great gas masks looks so erotic with military themed outfits, steampunk and can even be found paired with amazing science fiction-esque cos-play. Here they are worn as a mask, as a false facade to hide behind allowing you to reinvent yourself as a whole new personality.

Gas Mask Fetish

Gas masks can also be used as a means to easily facilitate breath play. Gas masks as a rule are designed to create an air tight seal around the face to keep dangerous contaminants out. With a gas mask you can introduce specific odours for forced sniffing (have you ever been paid to fart in a gas mask hose?), you can hook up a rebreather bag so your subject is breathing the same air for a while and you can even connect two people with a gas mask fetish with a gas mask hose for some shared breathing.

The biggest thrill and/or risk comes from the ability to cut off someone’s air supply completely while the subject is wearing a gas mask. Great care needs to be taken with this act but I will say, it’s so erotic to look into someone’s eyes as you control their air. The fear and arousal they feel is always apparent when you block their breathing tube is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

Breath play is not a fetish to take lightly so please always play safe and be aware of the risks if you decide to indulge in this fetish. For more information please read this guide published by called Take Your Breath Away: The Basics of Breath Play

Gas Mask Fetish

Gas Mask Fetish

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6 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Gas Mask Fetish

  1. Fantastic post (and what amazing images you have to go with it!). I am a fan of cautious breath play with gas masks, and indulge in it occasionally with Hylas. And I very definitely like the look of them on him :)

    Never thought about introducing aromas though… that’s something for me to ponder.

    xx Dee

  2. Wow…amazing images! I never really thought about gas masks and breath play before Dee mentioned it in her intro on the topic (kind of a “duh” moment for me.) To me, it was always about the look.

    I haven’t tried one, and had never really been interested, but breath play is definitely something I would like to cautiously dabble in. Hmm.

    Thanks for joining in on the #kinkoftheweek!

  3. Thank you for writing this. I was really interested to read about this kink from others perspectives as it is not one that does it for me or that I even truly understand. Reading your post gave me some fresh insight


  4. A fabulous and informative post, thank you. As someone who does not find this subject erotically stimulating it is so good to read another perspective and one with such insight!

    ~Mia~ xx

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