How Do I Reveal My Foot Fetish

Foot rub

Foot rub

Have you got a foot fetish? Love to massage women’s feet, kiss toes, lick soles and shoes? You may have been able to satisfy your needs meeting random dominant women off FetLife in the past but if you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve met outside of the fet scene then you may not be sure how to proceed. She may not know about your kink side at all and as far as you know she is as vanilla as they come. All you know is she has the most perfect pair of feet you’ve ever seen!

If you feel as though your new relationship could turn into something serious you may be wondering ‘at what point do I reveal my foot fetish?’ You really don’t want to scare her away but then again how long can you resist the urge to make love to her feet?

Love her heart and sole

Well lover boy, not to worry, foot fetishism is actually one of the more popular fetishes around. More than likely she’s heard of foot fetishism so it won’t be as much of a shock than if you told her you wanted to play with her poo.

Foot fetishism has been thrust into the mainstream by handful celebrities with a taste for tootsies. Elvis Presley, Quentin Tarantino, Jack Black, Dita von Tesse, Andy Warhol and many others have confessed to the public about their love of feet so you are definitely in good company!

How do I tell her about my foot fetish?

Got a foot fetish?

Foot Fetish

It’s best not to leave it too long. Revealing a fetish, no matter how small may not be something you chat about on your first date (unless of course you met through a fetish website) but once you’ve taken the time to know your partner you can kind of gauge how she may react. If you’re still a bit shy about coming right out and saying you have a foot fetish, try to ease her into the idea by offering her the occasional foot massage. If she’s been on her feet all day she may just love an erotic foot massage! Space these foot massages out every few days. Who knows, she may even start asking for them!

Once you’ve got her hooked, test the waters a bit by telling her how beautiful her feet are and give them a little kiss. Take note of her reaction. Did she smile and giggle? Nervous laugh? Punch you in the face and run away? Use her reaction as a guide to your next move. If it’s positive now’s the time to tell her about your foot obsession. Break it to her gently, don’t go from a sweet, gentle kiss to an unabashed confession on how you’d like to blow your load on her feet and lick it off complete with visual aids.

Foot Fetish

YOU’RE! Ugh Damn you Google Image Search!

Give your partner some time to react and answer any questions they may have calmly and honestly. Be as diplomatic as possible. They may have some hard limits about the foot worship situation and it’s up to you to respect these limits. Your partner may be up for it or they may only be up certain aspects. They may be completely against it so be prepared to hear no.

Don’t pester or push your partner every day for permission thinking they will just give in and uncomfortably allow you to fetishise their feet. Consent is sexy. If they tell you they’re really not into receiving any form of foot worship then you need to respect their opinion and think about what’s more important to you: having them in your life or your foot fetish. It might actually be a deal breaker for your partner. Would their saying no be a deal breaker for you?

What are your thoughts?