Review of Leather Delights Custom Slave Collar

Leather Delights Slave Collar

Leather Delights Slave Collar

When the time is right you just know and when I felt it was time to collar my pony I wanted something fitting for our arrangement. While shopping at KFS Leeds in July I stopped by the Leather Delights stall to see what spanky bits they had. I had picked out a great short range cane (review to come) when the bondage collars caught my eye. They had them in red and black plain leather or patent leather. What really stood out were the shiny diamante letters which said among other things, ‘Bitch’, ‘Slut’ or ‘Slave’. In my mind I visualised the perfect gift for my pony slave.

Although my pony slave was somewhat nearby, I managed to discretely ask Shaun of Leather Delights if they could do a custom job for me. I explained I was after a black patent leather slave collar made to fit a 17 inch neck adorned with a built in o ring that simply said PONY in pretty little sparkly letters. He checked to see if the collar could have been made on the spot but unfortunately they didn’t have all the letters. I was actually quite pleased that it was an option. He asked me to send a message over Fetlife with the details and I could pay via PayPal.

Shiny new slave collar from Leather Delights

Leather Delights slave collarThere was a short delay before I heard anything back – about four days and I didn’t think anything of it until I received a message midweek. Shaun got back to me to apologise for the delay; he had been in an accident which had landed him in hospital for two days! Instead of some much needed boring old bed rest he was right back at work. He assured me he was taking it easy and that my new collar made to my specifications would be with me shortly. This shiny new bondage collar set me back £25 plus £4 postage and packaging.

Sure enough within a couple of days I received a discrete brown jiffy bag with this gorgeous new leather slave collar inside. It smelled gorgeous, it looked stunning and overall it was perfect. Just what I wanted. Something to proudly show the world that my pony slave belonged to me.

How it measures up

As I explained earlier I needed this collar to fit my sub’s neck very slightly loosely. When I looked at the collars on hand at the Leather Delights market stall they all looked like they were for dainty women. This is why I asked for one specially made. I was quite attracted to the overall style of the collar because it looks like it would fit in with fancy equestrian tack and when I first put his collar on I knew I had made the right decision.

Leather Delights Collar

Leather Delights Collar

In total length from end to end, this gorgeous patent leather collar is 19 inches in length. The straps are one inch in width. The centre portion where it comes to a point is two inches. The O ring is 2cm in diameter.


Upon opening up the discrete jiffy bag the delicate scent of leather wafted out which made me smile. The collar itself looks as though it’s made from two layers of fused leather finished with professional grade stitching. On the outside the high gloss patent leather reflects the light almost as much as the sweet diamante gems in the letters. The back features soft suede leather which is gentle on the skin.

Leather Delights Slave Collar - Suede back

Leather Delights Slave Collar – Suede back

The only thing I would like to see different is if the exposed metal was covered to prevent a possible allergic reaction. My subby doesn’t suffer from one but it’s always something nice to see. I would bet though that if I asked for the hardware to be covered that they would make one especially for me.


Pony Play

Pony Play

This patent leather slave collar compliments our pony play gear perfectly. This collar isn’t going to be used for your average bondage scene, I’m not going to attach nipple clamps or tie it to wrist or ankle cuffs. There won’t be any time locks nor will I be integrating it with rope bondage.

It’s more for taking my pony out for a trot or parading around public play space. It even coordinates with some of my blinged out gear. It’s also a symbol of the commitment as a lifestyle Mistress and her sub. The small ring at the front is just the right size to clip a lead on. It fits its intended purpose perfectly.

In summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Made to order Slave collars not visible on website
Very fast custom order turnaround Not intended for hard core bondage scenes
Built in O-ring for attaching a lead Exposed metal hardware – possible allergy issue
Great communication
Great price for quality at £25 + £4 P&P
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Leather Delights Custom Slave Collar
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