Review of House of Eros Nettle Flogger

House of Eros Nettle Flogger

House of Eros Nettle Flogger

I love it when those who serve me gift me with tools for their own ass destruction and today’s review product is no different. The House of Eros Nettle Flogger was given to me by an adoring subbie who loves to feel pain as his pleasure. This tiny little flogger looks small and unassuming but don’t let its innocent good looks fool you, this thing is a bastard!

House of Eros Nettle Flogger

Small and light weight, the House of Eros Nettle Flogger is a great addition to any toy bag. It provides a multitude of sensations and can be used almost anywhere on the body (still working on those eyeball floggings you know!) It is small enough to fit in my handbag for a quick fire flogging while out and about yet it holds a permanent spot in my regular flogger rotation. Having this flogger in my arsenal has been a much welcome addition.


Not these nettles

The the House of Eros Nettle Flogger is very aptly named. In the right hands it will caress and tickle sensitive flesh like the gentle petals of a delicate flower and with a more powerful stroke it will sting like a hundred stinging nettles. This flogger won’t leave lasting marks; as it brushes against the skin it abrades the top layer of the skin off making the new skin underneath feeling hypersensitive to the touch. Now you can swipe and drape this delicate looking flogger over the bright pink flesh to stimulate all the freshly awakened nerves for sensational sensations.

Nettle Flogger

Nettle Flogger

How it measures up

Because they are all hand made, there may be variances in measurements so your mileage may vary. My nettle flogger is 49.5cm from metal eyelet to the tip of the longest fall. At it’s widest point the long slender handle is 18.5cm in length and 8cm in circumference.


Nettle Flogger

Nettle Flogger

Everything at House of Eros is hand made, there are no factory mass productions of cheap, second rate toys made for pennies each to sell for £4.99 on the high street next to the inflatable willies and hen do sashes. House of Eros strives for top notch quality, each sapele wood handle is turned by hand to Nigel’s exact specifications and finished with a non-porous varnish; the soft leather is simply sublime.

It may be hard to believe but even the falls of this super stingy nettle flogger are hand cut for optimum stinging potential. Each tiny strand you say? Yes, and I know how it’s done. It’s a trade secret and it isn’t my place to reveal. You’ll notice the tips are needle sharp and the body of each fall features both a smooth side and a textured suede side. The falls are at various lengths for better coverage and are slightly stretchy so take care not to pull on the falls for fear of breakage.


Nettle Flogger

Nettle Flogger

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to carry my the House of Eros Nettle Flogger with me both in my hand bag and in my toy bag. It folds up discretely in my bag and is always ready for action. The noise it makes is minimal; You could safely use this flogger at home and your neighbours wouldn’t be the wiser. It might be heard on the other side of a bedroom door though so keep that in mind.

I like to use this flogger just after warming up shoulders and bums and then again right after I’ve used a heavy flogger. Once the skin is fully warmed up your bottom’s bottom will feel every last strand of this deplorable device. I’ve used my the House of Eros Nettle Flogger in the dungeon, in the bedroom, in public play and discretely in a quiet corner in public.

The Nettle Flogger spins easily on all axes and changes directions with little to no effort. It’s the perfect flogger for shoulders, bums, stomachs, breasts and even genitals if you are so inclined. It does have a nasty stinging bite so be sure to test this atrocious flogger out on your arm first before you move on to more sensitive areas.

In summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Travel sized (YMMV) I honestly can not fault this flogger
Metal eyelet for easy storage
Great for warming up and sensation play
Lives up to it’s name
Hand made by people who know what fetish gear should be like
Selena Savage
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House of Eros Nettle Flogger
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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review, its always a pleasure when somebody who is into BDSM actually takes the time to write a review. It means more to us than any review by one of the usual sex toy reviewers who can cope with pink and pointy not brown black and stingy.
    Best regards Nigel

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