I’ve Collared Myself a Human Pony

Collared Pony

Collared Human Pony

Yesterday was a red letter day. I packed up a mini gear bag, zipped up my leather boots and went round to my human Pony Slave‘s place to have a chat, a chill and a bit of a play. At least this is what he thought was going to happen; he soon found out that Mistress had an ulterior motive.

From my pony’s first point of contact with me on FetLife I had a feeling deep down that he was something special, he didn’t go on about how he wanted to ejaculate on my boots or that I have a pair of rocking tits. He didn’t order me to do this and that to him. He was polite and spoke his mind eloquently. He definitely stood out in my mind.

I was already considering another slave but deep down I didn’t feel 100% about him. When pony slave’s message came along he told me that he had read my minimum requirements for being my own personal slave and addressed the major points. I let the other sub go and immediately refocused my interests on this new guy.

Pony play harness

Pony play harness

Like me he was looking for a perfect match both in the vanilla and kinky world. Someone he could chat with over a coffee in public who would then later tan his arse with every sadistic implement in her arsenal. He was absolutely fine with the fact that I am married and that I do not have any sexual relations with my subs. He wasn’t looking for that either. My pony was simply looking for a Dominating Female to serve and be an integral part of his life.

My human pony’s service and devotion over the last few months have proven to me that he’s in this for the long haul.

Taking my human pony for a spin

He met me in the car park to carry my bags, they weren’t heavy but as usual he took them unquestioningly. As we walked back to his flat he asked me how my day was and told me I looked beautiful. I was still wearing an outer coat to cover up my PVC outfit underneath. Without hesitation he opened every door along the way and presented me with a cup of tea made with my precise instructions upon arrival. I sat on the couch; He sat at my feet on the floor. All of this was done without prompting.

We talked for a while just to get settled in. Then I had him empty my gear bag and lay everything out. While he was changing into his pony play clothing I grabbed my pony’s hand made collar from my handbag. When he knelt in front of me I told him that I had an extra special surprise for him. I helped him into his pony head harness and made sure it was just right.

Pony Play

Pony Play

I held up his collar made from glossy patent leather emblazoned with crystal letters spelling out his slave name – PONY; his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He knew it wasn’t just a strip of leather for play time. It wasn’t a toy. It was his slave collar, a collar to show that he belonged to me and only me.

For weeks I had planned out what I was going to say. Something about commitment, trust, understanding, friendship, protection, duty and above all fun. I wanted it to be a special collaring ceremony. This was someone I was bringing into my personal life to experience raw emotion both good and bad. My pony is to serve me unquestioningly within his limits. We are a perfect fit.

Overcome with emotion I managed a quick, “Here is your gift, Pony. You’ve earned this.” It just seemed right and the look on his face told me all I needed to know – that he understood everything I was too choked up to say. I buckled his new collar on and he began his life as a collared and owned human pony. My Human Pony.

Attaching a lead to his new collar, I took my pony for a trot around the room. Once warmed up I lept astride his back and he was so proud to take me on a tour of his paddock. He took direction with ease and I couldn’t have been happier with his performance.
Ponyplay at Folsom Street Fair 2013 - Human Pony

I dismounted and lead my ever obedient human pony over to where the next act would take place. Here I took him on a short journey through the effects of my devious devices. Once his shoulders and bum were bright pink from a pummeling I slowed things down with a bit of sensation play. I groomed my pony all over with a rubber curry comb then kicked it back up a notch with my vampire gloves. I now know where my pony’s tickly points of interest are and you can bet I will be using this vital information again in future. I stroked his bum, clenched each cheek and slapped them with my vampire gloved hands. My pony stood there ready for the next assault.

You're My Wife Now, Dave

You’re My Wife Now, Dave

Once finished, he was instructed to pack my gear bag for me and then kneel down in front of me. For his exceptional performance my human pony was then allowed to worship my riding boots. He was unstoppable. He frantically kissed and licked my riding boots like his life depended on it… as if the dirt from my soles was his only sustenance. His eyes told me he was still cock-a-hoop over the entire experience. Once he finished with my boots I instructed him to move on to removing my boots and massaging my feet.

My pony did as he was instructed, very gently to begin with but with plenty of assurance to knead harder, we finally found the perfect pressure. My human pony vowed that he would learn how to give proper foot massages fit for a Mistress. He keeps me so spoiled!

We ended the evening with a lovely dinner together and a chat. He was still wearing his new slave collar and he looked as proud as ever! We talked about how he earned his collar and what it means. I am committed to him as a lifestyle Mistress, he is committed to me as my main submissive and our arrangement suits both of our situations right down to the ground.

Human Pony Pride Flag

Human Pony Pride Flag

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