Spoiled on my Birthday by my Cash Pigs

I am well and truly loved. Not only am I a popular East Riding Pro-Domme with people paying me visits from far and wide for professional live domination but I also keep my own personal slaves for my own amusement. These boys do adore their Mistress Selena and it shows.

PVC Penelope Pencil Dress From Honour

PVC Penelope Pencil Dress From Honour

Four beautiful bouquets of flowers, the biggest being from my main subby, my pony slave. He knows how much I love roses and he sent me one dozen of the very best along with a box of delicious chocolates. He also bought me a stunning leather paddle, a curry comb two Leg Avenue body stockings and this gorgeous PVC Penelope Pencil Dress from Honour, just in time for KFS Leeds this weekend. My pony slave keeps me spoiled rotten!

Slave Olive got in on the act by locking himself up for the weekend only to be released just before his overnight shift at work. He was not allowed to cum until after 7:30 am no matter what time he came home. This left him to squirm and stew about his newly released cock just waiting to be drained of its jizzy. He also made sure my Amazon gift card balance was dutifully topped up and sent me a Happy Birthday Amazon Gift Voucher

I am well and truly spoiled by my subbies, they keep me happy by treating me with anything I desire and the steady stream of tributes keep me a very happy Mistress. Thank you cash pigs!

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