An Erotic Tale of Equine Fantasies

Foot Worship Saturday morning I lazed about a bit before I decided I would treat myself to a leisurely wank. I lubed up my Lelo Gigi 2 and got to work. You may often wonder what goes through the mind of a dominant woman while she’s pleasuring herself. Does she think about past liaisons? Rock stars? That hot young barrista down at her favourite cafe? The truth is, she thinks about any damn thing she likes! I for instance will often think of some of the aforementioned people above but often times I find myself knocking one out (do women knock one out?) to fetish scenes played out in my head. Are you curious about what get’s this Mistress moaning?

Pencil SkirtOften the mastubatory tale in my head will be repeats of previous scenes, forever frozen in my memory like a masturbation Rolodex but I find this is also the best opportunity to think of new and innovative adventures to take my own personal slaves on.

There I was in my pony slave’s immaculate living room dressed in a tight satin pencil skirt, corset, seamed stockings and my favourite patent leather heels. Pony wearing leather jock strap, white knee high socks, leather chest harness and his pony head harness.

Not allowed on the furniture. He brings me a cup of tea the precise way I like it, kneels in front of me and presents me a cup and saucer. I clip on his lead, take the tea and sip from the china cup with my gloved hands. I then place the tea cup on the side table and allow him to kiss my feet. Just as he lowers himself I take a step back making him crawl on his belly to me. I take another step back, another. I laugh cruelly at his plight. He is eager to please but he just can’t reach the tantalizing treat of my high gloss heels.

I tap him on the shoulder with my riding crop and ask him why he doesn’t kiss my feet? does he not like Mistress’ feet? Is he not overjoyed at this rare opportunity to show Mistress affection? I give him the order ‘Up’ so that he sits upright on his knees, I take my riding crop and raise his chin upward so that he cannot avoid my gaze. I ask him, what is the one thing you want more than anything in this world right now.

Riding Crop

Riding Crop

“Please Mistress, may I worship your shoes?” There’s no hiding his throbbing excitement in his tiny leather jock strap at the very thought of getting a taste of my heels. I tighten my grip on the lead and say, ‘Come!’ My pony trots behind me as I make my way back to the couch and have a seat. I cross my legs and let him get to work on the foot which is now a foot off of the floor.

Again I pull his lead tight as I lean forward so he’s looking right into my eyes and tell him, “I want you to clean every last speck of dirt off of my shoes. I want them to look brand new when you’re finished. Is that clear?” I release the tension on the lead, pause and simply say, “You may begin.” He hungrily attacks my shoe as if he hasn’t eaten all week. Licking, moaning, holding on tenaciously with both hands as if I would cruelly take his dinner away from him at any minute.

The very thought of the passionate licking and sucking of my heels made me cum in real life and woke me from my masturbatory train of thought. There I was laying in bed on a warm Saturday morning with a nice cool breeze floating in through the window. I had just used the Lelo Gigi 2 my pony gave me as a tribute to rub my clitoris until I came. I came so hard thinking about my pony sub worshiping my shoes.

As I lay there still riding the wave of my intense orgasm, I was still gently stroking the soft, silicone tip around in circles around my engorged clit on a low setting as another daydream entered my head. I briefly thought about getting up to clean my Gigi so I could store it away for next time when I had a thrilling thought. If only my pony were there I could order him to clean it for me.

"Tongue piercing" by Marnanel - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - wide pony! I imagine rubbing my still wet sex toy on his tongue as he moaned with delight. He would then lick and suck the fresh orgasmic juices I left all over the very vibrator he bought for me. It would be like a pony dream come true! Tasting the forbidden flavour of my sweet spot. He’d make sure he got every last bit of my savoury essence from every crevice in the device not because he would be punished if it wasn’t completely clean but because this sweet nectar was like manna from the heavens. It was truly an incredible gift bestowed on my pony slave and he just couldn’t get enough. This was when the second, more intense orgasm ripped through my body.

Lelo GiGi 2

Lelo GiGi 2

When you’re enjoying a bit of me-time do you often think about past experiences with embellishments or think about what could happen in the future? Let me know in the comments what your favourite fantasy you tend to enjoy while you indulge in your own self pleasure.

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