The Emergence and Development of Miss Felicity

Miss FelicityAs far as I can tell, the attraction to forced feminization/sissification in the world of BDSM is an amalgamation of D/s and transvestitism. For this particular piece, I feel I do not need to explain the beginnings of my interest in BDSM, but rather crossdress/transvetitism. The interest in it for me started with my sister’s friend bringing round a DVD of famous transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard.

I was intrigued by the concept of a fully grown man not just wearing girls’ clothes, but being proud about it and even using it in his comedy. At the time, I was 12 years old – an age where being called ‘gay’ was one of the worst insults one could be given, so the concept of wearing girls’ clothes would not have crossed my mind. I was attracted to the idea of crossdressing because I’d become a big fan of Eddie Izzard.

Obviously, I couldn’t try this out in public at that moment in time. It was something I had to try in privacy. It started with me going into my sister’s room and going through her drawers and finding a few pairs of bras and panties. I’d put them on and walk around in them for a few hours. If no-one was around I’d shove toilet roll in them so it looked like I had boobs. This is all how it went for me for a few years.

Fast forward 4 or 5 years when I’d discovered BDSM. I was googling and researching different kinks. What caught my eye particularly were forced feminization and sissification. As I read about them I was fascinated by the idea of being made to dress up by a Mistress. Naturally, I started looking at websites regarding it. One that particularly piqued my interest was Even just finding that link distracted me from this essay by looking at some of the goings on there. It just seemed unreal to me, but in a good way. On that site they talk about ‘clitty bags’ – these appear to be a form of chastity and led me to form my main kinks of chastity and sissification as I searched other sites, particularly chastity forum On Chastity Mansion I read more and more about sissy’s and how for a lot of the people on there chastity and sissification go hand in hand.

Pretty Sissy

Pretty Sissy

So, that is a brief summary of my interest in chastity and sissification. Fast forward to this year. I had been Mistress Selena’s chastity sub for over a year. I was locked up (as I normally) am and I had been drinking. I was texting Mistress Selena and we began talking about me having a bit of a sissy bent. So now, she knew about it. She is wonderful at helping people experience fetishes etc., particularly shared interests. In February I went up to see Mistress Selena for the weekend. When I was there, she laid out clothes for me and commanded me to wear them. Amongst them were her bra and knickers, a dress that on me would ultimately have been low cut and…. a hen do sash. Downstairs I came and I suddenly was her sissy. No name yet. We proceeded to eat dinner and watch a film while I sat there like a good little girl – the dress was cut above my knees, so if I’d have sat like a man all would’ve been on display – not very ladylike at all. A few weeks later I was texting Mistress Selena again. I thought my sissy persona needed a name. Naturally, as I would be Mistress Selena’s sissy, I asked her for the name and voila – Felicity was born.

Miss Felicity has now emerged. But what of the future? At the moment I am thinking about what sort of sissy Felicity is. I feel that she is at the moment the proverbial prick tease. She’s basically like an 18 year old school girl at the moment, one that all the guys fancy (at least I’d want her to be ;)). However, she’s also one that no men can actually get near, largely due to my disgust/disdain at the idea of kissing another man, sucking cock etc (unless commanded to by a Mistress). She likes knowing that men are interested in her but is a bit of an ice queen in that if they tried they’d just get the brush-off. As for the future… personally, I believe the sissy is there to be molded by Mistress (at the moment, this is of course Mistress Selena).

This is the basic personalities for Mistress to start with. For me though, I feel Felicity could be more than just the standard sissy-maid you see on most websites. She can also be one of Mistress’s ‘girlfriends’ – one who will sit drinking a glass of wine with Mistress, watching a film and making bitchy comments about the characters etc in the film. She is of course still there to serve Mistress. There’s still the permanent knowledge of being underneath Mistress – whether that’s by knowing that Felicity’s cock is locked by Mistress or acting as Mistress’s footstool or whatever pleases Mistress. At this precise moment in time though I don’t fully know where/how I want Felicity to develop. Of course, when I have thoughts concerning this I will get in touch Mistress to let her know. I will then happily write about them and update them as and when I think about it.

Thank you for reading,

Love and kisses,

Miss Felicity

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