Slave Olive’s Journey into Chastity

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

Slave Olive Locked in Chastity

Exploring Chastity with Mistress Selena

I first spoke to Mistress Selena several months ago, as I was so intrigued by her FetLife profile and her wonderful pictures. Among other submissive desires, I had a chastity fetish and had often fantasized about being locked in a device with a dominant lady in charge of when I was allowed to have an orgasm. I noticed Mistress Selena was a Mistress and Key-holder of a slave, Slave Felicity. I was envious of his position, and was interested in, and curious about his relationship with Mistress Selena.

Sticky Chastity Cuckold

Sticky Chastity Cuckold

I messaged Mistress Selena and introduced myself. I tired my best to be as polite and respectful as possible. I asked about her lifestyle and her relationship with Slave Felicity. I learned that she held the keys to his cock cage, or his “ickle little clity” as Mistress calls it, and kept him denied orgasm for long stretches of time. His next period of confinement was going to be a month. After that sentence was completed, his next period of enforced chastity was going to be for 100 days!

I continued to chat with Mistress, and I was very grateful of the time she spent conversing with a lowly slave like me. Our discussions were wide ranging, and were about more than domination and submission. I sent Mistress an Amazon gift card as a thank you, after asking permission to be allowed such an honor first. I was delighted to be granted permission. It was then that Mistress Selena said that she would be happy to be my key holder. The thought of Mistress Selena controlling my sexual urges, and making me suffer in chastity for her sent a shiver through my spine.

Slave Olive's day 8 in chastity

Slave Olive’s day 8 in chastity

It wasn’t long after this, and some thinking and anticipation on my part, that I ordered my very first chastity device. I ordered it from Uberkinky of course. I opted for a silicone device, the Birdlocked mini, as it had good reviews be fellow chastity slaves. I went for the mini version, as I wanted a snug fit, and I’m not particularly well endowed shall we say. I had also learned that Mistress is a fan of silicone devices, and I already was in the mindset of wanting to please her.

The device arrived several days later, although I had to collect it from the depot. Queuing at the depot, I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what the packaging was going to be like, and if the staff had guessed what it was. Turns out, I needn’t have worried as it was plain, and could have been anything.

I got home, and immediately tried on the cage. It was a nice fit and comfortable. I wore the device for a day, and even went out drinking that night wearing the device with no problems. I kept Mistress Selena updated on how I was finding the device. Being out that night was torture whilst wearing the device, seeing all the attractive women wearing short skirts whilst locked up, was very frustrating, even though my mind was really on Mistress Selena.

Slave Olive's Pretty Panties

Slave Olive’s Pretty Panties

I had agreed with Mistress that I would spend a week in the device, and would use a numbered plastic lock as opposed a metal padlock. That night, I removed the padlock, and locked the device with a numbered plastic lock, without removing the device. I emailed Mistress Selena a picture, and tired my best to get some sleep. I was to stay locked until a week on Sunday.

The first couple of days were OK, I sent Mistress more Amazon gift cards, as I got more submissive and frustrated from being locked up, and unable to play with myself or have any orgasms. I also had to send Mistress pictures of my locked cock, with the numbered tag still in place, to prove I was still locked and secure, and hadn’t been a naughty slave!

AmazonAs the days went by, my desperation to be free from the cage hit an all time high. I grew more and more desperate to orgasm, and my balls began to swell, as they filled without being emptied. It was around this time I displeased Mistress Selena with incessant begging for early release, and constantly asking about my orgasm. An act I’m still ashamed of. I was punished by having to write lines, and told not to hint or ask about being released again. I sent Mistress more Amazon gift cards as an apology. I ended up being denied release on the Sunday, and having to wait till the Monday. My butt plug had also arrived by then, which Mistress had told me to order.

A couple of weeks went buy, and one evening I was talking to Mistress Selena. We decided it would be a good idea that I pay for a date night for her and her husband at their local Indian restaurant. I was told that £50 would cover it, and that I would be eating the cheapest microwave korma I could find. It turned out to be Aldis’s own brand at under £2. I found this out after spending a lot of time, going round various supermarkets to find the cheapest. (I wanted Mistress to be pleased). I was also told I would be locked and denied on date night, although Mistress Selena later decided I was also to be locked a couple of days prior to date night also. A new fetish was invented, “Food Cuckoldry.”

Cheap Korma

Cheap Korma

This brings me to today. I have been locked in my device the last couple of days, and Mistress Selena has instructed me to write this essay as a condition of release, and relief! I hope I have pleased her!

What are your thoughts?