Review of Floggermeister Nunchuck Swivel Floggers

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

I own a lot of Floggermeister gear. Do I think I have enough? NO NEVAR! At the rate that they bring out new items I constantly have at least two or three items I desperately need in my life on my wishlist no matter how many times I come back to buy more. It’s not just the slick look of the red on black motif I’ve chosen for my impact tools but I love the durability and build design of Floggermeister’s products. You can tell they are built to last no matter how hard you play with them. Today I’m going to review the Floggermeister Nunchuck Swivel Floggers. Do they pass the muster of this fastidious Mistress?

I have to say right away that I love these. Without a doubt, they are my go to matched pair of floggers and they have a permanent home in my gear bag. I purchased this pair of nunchuck swivel floggers from Floggermeister’s stall at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar aka the BBB. I was planning on attending the florentine flogging demo hosted by Aemilia Hawk at the after party that evening and at that point I didn’t have a decent pair of matched floggers.

Buying from Floggermeister

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

As I approached Floggermeister’s stall another pair of matched floggers caught my eye first. It was a matched pair of loop handled floggers and they looked pretty sweet. I thought I’d give them a go before taking the plunge and buying them and it was fail city. I couldn’t get them to do.

A random gentleman came over and said, “Oh can I have a go?” and I handed them over to him. That man swung those poi floggers like a pro. his intricate dance was mesmerizing and just damn sexy. I wanted to be that damn good but I knew I needed to walk before I could run. I do believe I had been schooled.

I sheepishly handed over the loop handled floggers feeling a bit defeated when Carl immediately reassured me with, “You’ll just need to build up your confidence, that’s all… try these.” He handed me this matched pair of red and black swivel floggers. He explained they were lighter and the long handle will help me to further train both my swing and confidence as I perfect my technique. They were special in that the swivel mechanism was made from old nunchuks. They were meant for unadulterated swinging! As I gave them a tentative swing, I could hear the kinky angels singing telling me I had found the perfect pair of floggers.

How they measure up

End to end and not counting the hanging strap, each flogger measures 27.5 inches in total length. The handle is about 9.25 inches long. The falls measure in at 16 inches in length and about a quarter of an inch in width. Each pair of nunchuk swivel floggers are perfectly matched with each other for a perfect balance.


Floggermeister logoAs I’ve mentioned in past Floggermeister reviews, their products are 100% vegetarian and vegan. The falls of the Nunchuck Swivel Floggers are made from a soft textured EPDM rubber material and finished with an angled tip. The texture gives the falls a slight amount of bite as they pass over skin and the angled tips provide for a slightly stingier sensation with every pass. This matched pair comes with twenty EPDM rubber tails on each flogger. The rubber wrapped grip with red Turks head detailing comes in a variety of colours, I of course prefer the red.


I didn’t have to wait long to try out my new acquisition. At that night’s BBB after party Aemilia Hawk was hosting a florentine flogging demo. I joined in on the action and found these floggers almost magical. They were so light and just the slightest bit of force had them swinging. Because of this I was able to get the hang of the basic four point florentine technique pretty quickly and I even had a go with the sub who accompanied me to the BBB. Just the right amount of sting he said. I was well pleased.

Since that night I’ve used this pair of Nunchuck Swivel Floggers on numerous occasions and I use them to practice my technique (I’ve got to stay on top of my game you see!) I love how they maintain their axis no matter what speed you fling them. They even take a sudden change of pattern with no problem at all. You can dance about, change your speed or choose another target without missing a beat.

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

Floggermeister Nunchuk Floggers

In summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Matched pair for a perfect balance Not available in leather (duh)
Perfect for those wanting to learn florentine flogging Not for full on flogging beginners
Decoration available in great colours Leaves black stains in your hands when new
Effortless florentining capability Addictive!!!
Great price for quality at £50
Service before and after the sale
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Floggermeister Nunchuck Swivel Floggers
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