Simply Be Sold Me Used Knickers

Simply Yours Used Knickers

Simply Yours Used Knickers

What a way to start the day… receiving a delivery of lovely lingerie only to find that your pretty new panties have already had a previous owner! Sure I can joke that £15 is a great price for a pair of used panties or that I should sell them on eBay because someone out there will buy them but this lack of attention to detail has thoroughly shaken me. I’ve bought loads of bras and knickers from this online shop, how many other times have I inadvertently worn pre-worn panties? Even the cover photo model on their Facebook page looks horrified at the prospect of being sent dirty knickers.

Here you’ll find a snippet of the letter I have sent to Simply Be, I will keep you all abreast of how this unfolds as it happens. Will I shop there again? No. Should you continue to shop there? That’s entirely up to you. As you can read below selling lingerie does open your company up for returns. You would just hope that your customers would think before they try on swimwear and knickers.

Swimwear often comes with a sanitary sticker for fitting purposes and it should be common knowledge that you should still wear your own knickers when trying on intimate clothing. Mistakes happen and those knickers should have been thrown in the bin instead of being put back on the shelf to be sent out to somebody else.

Shame, I was going to use the match set of bra and knickers for a photoshoot today. Oh well!

Hello Simply Yours/Simply Be et al Customer Service,

While I was happy to receive my delivery first thing this morning I was quite dismayed to find within my parcel a pair of dirty knickers. Upon opening up the glamorous teal bag to gush over my newly purchased pretty bra and panties I noticed one item in a heavily crumpled bag. This bag seemed more crumpled than usual so I figured it must have been a return at some point. It would appear that I was right.

I opened the package to find a neatly folded pair of panties with a sweet little pendant which was already missing a jewel in the centre. As I unfolded them to admire them it was then that I noticed the short, yellow pet hair. Only slightly bothered by this I picked it off and thought I would be moving on with my life until I saw something I never would have expected to see in a clothing delivery: vaginal discharge.

Enter the din of klaxons in my head. Was I dreaming? No. Unless there was a plague of slugs which took up residence in my parcel on its journey to me I was looking at the evidence of a previous liaison with another woman. Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

I can understand that with selling lingerie there will be a high incidence of returns due to vanity sizing, manufacturer’s discrepancies with measurements and women not really knowing their size. My concern is, how did this soiled pair of underpants make it back onto your warehouse shelves? How many incidents of panties dredged in fanny batter have been sent out to unsuspecting customers?

I’ve lost my trust in your company. As you can see from my account I have been a return customer for quite some time. Once my account is paid up I’m closing my account never to return. Every plus sized girl I meet will know of this incident and a copy of this letter will be going out on my blog.

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