Guide to Puppy Play

Puppy Play

Do you or somebody you love have a penchant for sniffing bums? Do they eat out of the bin and bark at the postman? Do they hump your leg when they’re happy to see you? On bonfire night do they want nothing more than to hide under the bed? Do they seem too excited at the sight of a tennis ball? Or perhaps they can just spend hours at your feet with their head in your lap while you repeat, ‘Good dog.’ If you’ve said yes to any of these questions then you may just have a puppy play enthusiast in your midst.

Slave Boy Puppy Play

Slave Boy Puppy Play

Whether it’s just for an occasional bit of fun during play or you feel that you identify as a dog, puppy play is quite a popular fetish. There’s usually more to it than just wearing a collar and lead, there’s investing time and effort into your new canine friend just as you would if you were adopting from the pound. This is just a beginner’s guide to puppy play and animal play in general. It will help you decide if puppy play is the dog’s bollocks.

How do I get started in puppy play?

First off, keep an open mind. Your puppy most likely doesn’t want to be intimate with another dog, they want to BE a dog. Your dog. They want to be loyal at your feet, play a little fetch and perhaps earn a few scritchies behind the ear when they’re good. Give puppy play a chance and you may find a very rewarding fetish to add to your ever expanding repertoire. Don’t invest in thousands of pounds of equipment just to find it’s not your cup of tea.

Puppy Play Name Tag

Puppy Play Name Tag

Start off slow, the basic dog collar and lead is a good beginning. If you’re brave enough, have a dog tag made with your puppy’s name engraved. You can have this done at pet stores like Pets At Home or find a mail order company so you can design the perfect tag in the privacy of your own home. Now that you have your dog collar and lead, try taking your pup for a walk around the house/bedroom/dungeon/play area. With their lead in your hand you’re in total control. Are you both comfortable? Great, now lets move on.

So far so good, right? Now try adding a few more canine elements to your play. Your sub is now no longer allowed to stand on two legs, they must now do all things on all fours. Take them off their lead and play a friendly game of fetch. Make your pup beg for a biscuit. Swat them with a rolled up newspaper or rub their nose in their ‘mess’ when they’re naughty. Use your imagination, puppy play is so diverse that the possibilities are endless.

We love puppy play! What’s next!

If you’ve made it this far, brilliant! You may find you’re ready to expand on your puppy play and invest in some new ways to further your fun. The most obvious next step to take would be to take your pup down to your local pet shop. Here you can pick up a new dog bowl and maybe some dog toys for your enthusiastic young pup. Squeaky toys are good, as are toys made from silicone or plastic. This makes it easier to keep your toys clean and sanitary.

Dog Hood

Dog Hood

If you really want to take it up a notch, there are some online shops which specialise in puppy play and animal play so they will have a range of great items to choose from. If you’ve got money to spend, The Dog’s BolloXX carries a variety of human puppy toys and equipment. UberKinky also has a range of puppy play items including puppy tail butt plugs, dog hoods and masks and mitts which can be used as paws. If you’re looking for a way to restrain your pup, will build a custom made puppy cage for your pup. Simply send them the measurements and they will create the perfect dog crate for your pup. They are easily assembled and fold away for quick and easy storage.

If you’re on a budget there are ways to expand your puppy play horizons for just a few quid. be imaginative! Here’s a great instructional video from the Bondage on a Buck YouTube series about how to make puppy dog ears.

Remember, puppy play is just that… play. Your only limits are your imagination. You don’t necessarily NEED to invest hundreds of pounds to enjoy a fun new take on power exchange. There’s no set way to play; just grab this fetish by the balls and run with it like a big dog!

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