Ahhhh Orgasm Control!

Now of course I have Pussy Control by Prince stuck in my head. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and motherfucking girls. This is your Mistress Selena speaking and I’m here to rock your world… or tell you all about my take on the amazing world of orgasm control.

Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control

Chastity and orgasm control are such popular fetishes and with reason. Taking something so integral to the sexual experience and keeping it under lock and key is such an intoxicating power. Bringing someone right on the cusp of an orgasm and just leaving them there to groan in agony makes me laugh my sadistic little laugh.

I do have a chastity sub who lives way far away from me. Every so often by my command he locks himself up and posts me the keys. As long as I have the keys he is incapable of getting an erection let alone having an orgasm. At the moment he is not currently locked up but he must ask for my permission to cum. Most times I say no. Sometimes I give him a small and odd window of time where he’s allowed to cum and if he misses it, he’s not allowed another chance.

Just yesterday I instructed him to edge once every hour for three hours then on the fourth hour he was allowed to cum. After his third edging session he cried about how his balls ached. I smiled. Apparently his subsequent orgasm explosion an hour later was “fucking good”. Well if it was only just fucking good and not the things dreams are made of, maybe I shouldn’t allow him to cum anymore! I know you’re reading this Miss Felicity!

Random online orgasm control – Why me?

I often get random messages on FetLife from men asking me if I will control their orgasms. Before I can say no they just come right out and ask. “Mistress, may I cum tonight?” I always answer with no. Always. It took one guy three months to realise I was never going to say yes so he finally fucked off. Why ask if you don’t want to hear the answer? lol

And now, without further ado – Prince singing Pussy Control. The song that’s been playing in my head the entire time I’ve written about this week’s Kink of the Week

Kink of the Week

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