This Week’s Kink of the Week – Laughter


I’ve been told I have a filthy laugh when I play. I’m usually told this by someone tied up to a cross while I’ve got a nasty paddle in my hand. With every slap of my paddle on a submissive’s bottom the room is filled with my sadistic laugh. I’m usually enjoying myself so much my evil laugh can be heard in the next room over the music and other players!


You have a tiny dick!

Laughter can add so much depth to a scene, it’s no wonder it’s this week’s kink of the week. If you have a sub who’s into small penis humiliation then laughter will be an essential part of your demeaning dialogue. The pathetic efforts of a groveling slave are often rewarded with a capacious cackle. Many submissives will consider the sadistic laugh of a Dominant woman to be quite a turn on and will certainly come back for more of her evil ways.

So how do you enjoy your schadenfreude? Do you giggle to yourself or do you have an infectious snicker?

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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Kink of the Week – Laughter

  1. I love a woman’s throaty laughter. I’ve only played with a few female Tops, but one woman I played with had the most seductive laughter…just the sound of it was enough to make my heart race.

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