Review of The Sexually Dominant Woman

The Sexually Dominant Woman

The Sexually Dominant Woman

I’m all for education in BDSM. When someone comes to me with a question about the scene I always bend over backwards to get them pointed in the right direction. When I first started out in kink I didn’t have anywhere to turn when I wanted to know something other than the people I played with. They weren’t always a knowledgeable bunch which is why I turned to reading all I could about this brave new world I was entering. Nearly twenty years later I still don’t claim to know it all which is why I have a vast library of kinky books. One of my favourites is The Sexually Dominant Woman by Lady Green which I will be reviewing today.

The Sexually Dominant Woman, a Workbook for Nervous Beginners

The Sexually Dominant Woman

The Sexually Dominant Woman

The Sexually Dominant Woman is a great book which I definitely recommend to anyone who’s just starting out as a Dominant woman. If you’re remotely curious about getting into BDSM, this book will bring you up to speed with the basics so that you can gain a base level of confidence on which to build on. It’s a great reference tool which will be repeatedly thumbed through on any journey through kinkdom.

Inside this great book you’ll find plenty of valuable advice. You’ll learn about the different styles of domination such as playing with helplessness (bondage & restraints), playing with roles (Mistress, Mummy, Governess), and playing with sensation (pain, pleasure and sensory deprivation). Each style has it’s own chapter to fill you with plenty of ideas to create a scene to your own tastes.

Lady Green will take you through a scene’s natural progression, aftercare and the emotional roller-coaster you and your play partner will each feel as you’re filled with a whole new mix of body chemistry, riding the waves of rushing endorphins.

I highly recommend The Sexually Dominant Woman to anyone who’s even remotely interested in dabbling in dominance. If your partner has come to you and asked for you to take a little more control in the bedroom, make your first command to pick up this book as a tribute to his beautiful new Domme.

The Sexually Dominant Woman is available from Amazon in paperback form but I chose to download a copy for my Kindle at a fraction of the price. Get your own copy now!

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