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Kabunza Dragontail
Want to splash some cash on some high end spanking toys but don’t have much cash to splash? Kabunza Craftwerks makes some magnificent hand made creations which score high on the form and function scales. These exquisite impact toys are a bit more expensive than your average floggers and dragon tails but when it comes to quality, you do get quite a bit more than what you pay for. When you buy something from Kabunza Craftwerks you get a top quality bit of kit that will last a lifetime.

Kabunza Dragontail

Kabunza Dragontail Handle

I’ve been a long time reader of Velvet Thoughts by Aemilia Hawk and I’ve always enjoyed reading the insights to her fetish life, product reviews and anecdotes about her time as a professional Dominatrix. I was especially interested when she turned her attention to opening up her own bondage gear shop to sell handmade chainmail jewellery, floggers and dragon tails.

One night on FetLife I saw a picture of a gorgeous black suede and chainmail dragon tail that I knew I had to have. I followed the link over to Kabunza Craftwerks‘ Etsy shop and immediately snatched up the one and only black suede dragon tail available for the more than reasonable price of £40.

How it measures up

This thing is a work of art. Not only is it beautiful but this wicked little whip is nicely nefarious too. The entire dragon tail is 44 flickable inches long. The blade is 35.5 inches long and the handle is 8.5 inches long with a diameter of 2.23cm. Small enough for a petite hand but wouldn’t get lost in the most ham-fisted Dom’s meaty paws.


Kabunza Dragontail

Kabunza Dragontail

The Kabunza Craftwerks Single Dragontail is made from tip to handle with a single piece of exquisite South American black suede leather. The solid core of the dragontail’s handle is made with a pinewood dowel. This makes it ultra lightweight and adds to the fast action flicks. Definitely easy on the wrists. To finish off the look, this single dragon tail is embellished and strengthened further with stainless steel “European 4:1″ chainmail (8mm rings) and waxed black cotton cord.


Bugger me this thing is fun, fun, fun!! The instant I got my Kabunza Craftwerks Single Dragontail in the mail I ripped open the bag and the erotic smell of leather came wafting out. I gave it a few good flicks to hear the amazingly frightening crack with every swish. Oh this was going to be good! *evil cackle*



I warmed my submissive up with various floggers and paddles before I brought out this malevolent impact toy. Once he was a nice shade of rosy red I gave my new dragon tail a good crack in the air. Even restrained that poor boy jumped nearly jumped out of his knickers! The dragon tail cut through the air like a hot knife through butter and landed some very impressive licks on my sissy-boy’s arse. It was truly a fun toy to use and I know I will get a lot of use out of it in the future. As the picture shows, it left some really good bright red marks on his perky behind. For about a month, my sub had a lasting reminder of Mistress Selena’s loving licks with her new favourite toy.

In summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Available online or at fetish events like the BBB Made in batches – not always available
Custom colour & chainmail available Not for novice subs
Light enough for long term use
Gorgeous suede leather material
Mid-price range at £40
Kabunza Craftwerks Dragontail

Kabunza Craftwerks Dragontail

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Kabunza Craftwerks Dragon Tail
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