Kink of the Week – Lingerie and the Sissy

Men's PantiesLingerie is great. It’s flirty, enhances curves and serves as an erotic wrapper to a delicious treat just waiting to be ravaged. It comes in all different colours and sizes to flatter every figure so it’s no surprise that it’s this week’s Kink of the Week.

Yeah, sure I like to wear lingerie on my own time but that’s to be expected. Wouldn’t you rather hear about the men who wear lingerie under my command? Forced sissification is one of my specialties. I’ve used lingerie as a harsh punishment and I’ve had submissives request that they get to wear lingerie as part of their session with me.

Red KnickersOne gentleman has a thing for latex. He absolutely adores wearing it and being fully kitted out in his latex outfits is a real treat for him. It was his mistake to tell me about this weakness because I love using it to my advantage. When he doesn’t do as he’s told or when he gets a bit too cocky then next time he has a session with me he’s not allowed to wear a stitch of latex. He has to wear sissy ladies panties. How humiliating! It’s not his kink but he has to be punished somehow.

Sometimes I make him wear a pair of my knickers to his day job. To ensure he is doing as he’s told I show up to his place of work and instruct him to meet me at my car on his next break. He then comes out to my car, takes down his trousers and shows me that he’s wearing my panties. After he launders them and returns them to me all is right in the world again.

Pretty Sissy

Pretty Sissy

Another young man came around for a session and was instructed to go into my spare bedroom where he found his outfit for the evening. A pair of my sheer lace knickers, my bra, a little black dress and a hen do sash. He did as he was told and my little miss sissy pants came down looking like a little princess. His itty-bitty bee-sting breasts didn’t fill out my G-cup bra but I’m sure it was still an experience for him. His chastity device looked quite elegant hiding behind all that lace!

Because this slave lives down south while I’m way up north, this is where my long distance domination skills come in handy. I’ve ordered my pretty little sissy to wear his prettiest knickers while he hoovers the carpet on video for me. His love of lingerie is very apparent as he does sexy little dances for me in his pretty panties. I think soon I will have to find him a training bra of his very own.

So as you can see, playing with men in lingerie is a favorite kink of mine. I hope you’ve enjoyed my very different take on this week’s Kink of the Week!

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  1. This is a great post. I am glad there was at least from this perspective. It is not my kink but I love learning about other peoples kinks and seeing how it works for them


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