Male Chastity Day 2014

Get locked up! This 15th February marks the first annual International Male Chastity Day and being that I am a big fan of keeping men locked up tight I thought now would be the perfect time to put pen to paper about one of my favourite fetishes of all time – chastity.

What is there not to love about locking up a disgusting maggot in an uncomfortable, inescapable chastity device? Once locked up this so called man is now subservient to your every whim and best of all you’re in control of his erections and orgasms. He may not even realise just how horny he is until it’s too late, he’s locked in and you’ve got the all important keys dangling from your finger.

Bringing up the subject to a partner

Are you in a committed relationship and are itching to give chastity a go? What’s the best way to bring up the subject? Honesty is always the best policy but depending on your partner you may have to broach the subject carefully. If you’re wanting to be the Keyholder in the relationship, try teasing them up to the point where they’re about to orgasm using their favourite method then back away smile. Try this two or three times before you let them have an orgasm. Once they’ve had one of the most intense orgasms of their life say, “Well that was fun being in control of your orgasm, what do you say we take this further?”

Chastity bump and grind

Chastity bump and grind

If you’re wanting to be the boy with the locked up cock there are a number of ways to bring up the subject, you’ve just got to make sure your partner is game. If they’re somewhere on the kinky scale then it’s as easy as, “Hey, wanna lock up my cock and be in total control of my dick while you tease and torment me?” If they’re more vanilla, well… the road will be long but you just may get your wish if you play your cards right. Tell them, “I love when you take control in bed”. Try planting seeds in their head by saying, “I’d love it if you could tease me when I can’t do anything about it.” Then move on to, “What do you think about locking my cock up and keeping the key safe with you?” Only you know your partner so you will know when it’s best to back off and try again later or go in for the kill.

Deciding on the chastity sentence

This is not the time to think you’re billy bad-ass and go for a year long chastity sentence. Try your device on for an hour or so first to make sure it fits. Then try overnight. Once you feel you’ve got the hang of wearing a chastity device, hand your keys over and try a couple of days, a weekend or even a week. When you get your keys back take a moment (after you’ve had your well earned orgasm of course!) and think about your stint in chastity. Do you think you could go longer? Give yourself a rest before you lock yourself back up again and try for a little longer.

Making your locked up time fun

Chastity Keyholder

Chastity Keyholder

So now you’re locked up. You may think to yourself, “So is this it?” It doesn’t have to be my friend! The fun part is in the teasing and possibly even the punishment! It’s always fun to tease someone when they can’t have what they most desire. Be creative! Watch some of your favourite porn or have your partner wear that outfit they look irresistible in. You may even enjoy the thrill of edging. Get yourself a good prostate massager and bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and then stop. Try this for a few cycles just to ride the waves of arousal.

If you’re into receiving punishment for every drop of pre-cum that drips from your chastity device your Keyholder can give you one lash with a cane, one kick in the balls, ten minutes of kneeling in the corner… get creative! Financial Dom/mes may even charge you £10 – £100 per drop.

I’m single and want to try chastity

Single people still enjoy chastity! You can freeze your key in a block of ice, post your key to yourself, or try to find a keyholder online. There are plenty of places to meet kinky people. Fetlife is great, there you can find different groups to suit your needs. There may even be a chastity group in your town! Collar Me is also good. If you’re really stuck for a Keyholder, I’ll hold your keys… for a fee!

No matter how you decide to celebrate Male Chastity Day, make sure you stay safe, sane and consensual. For more information, check out this board on Pinterest about chastity to read more beginner’s guides and reviews of the most popular chastity devices.

What are your thoughts?