Kink of the Week – Riding Crops

Looks like I’m just squeaking in on Fetish Friday with my Kink of the Week post. This week’s Kink of the Week is crops. Riding crops are not just the ubiquitous tool of the equestrian enthusiasts, it’s the ever popular hand-held toy chosen by the most powerful scary people. Think about it – Villans, Dommes, Alice Cooper… every forceful swish of their riding crops garners attention.

I love my riding crops!

I love my riding crops

My favourite thing to do with my ever trusty riding crop? I love to take aim at nipples adorned with pegs or nipple clamps, slapping them off with a powerful flick of my riding crop. From the crop’s cutting whoosh through the air, to the loud slap of the connection to the click-clack-tap of the falling nipple clamp… It’s music to my ears. I simply adore using my riding crops!

Riding crops come in all shapes and sizes, pink fluffy ones, ones with loveheart cut outs, stiff ones, flexible ones. I actually prefer to get my riding crops from tack shops on E-bay. They don’t come with any added feathery bollocks, they’re good quality and they’re often less expensive than the ones found in sex shops. Because I share my toys with many play partners, I prefer a riding crop with a non-porous plastic tip.

Kink of the Week

6 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Riding Crops

  1. Reading about how a crop can be used to remove clamps from nipples changed this toy from an relative innocent implement into a truly evil one! I hope Mr Reg nor Master are reading this.
    Thanks for the remark about plastic tips, it is important to keep health in mind while playing

    x dedi

  2. I can’t believe i didn’t think of Alice Cooped after finding out the topic. As for removing clamps with a crop it’s something I’ve only seen in movies but sounds like something fun to give a try.

  3. Oh my goodness…I had forgotten about this use for a crop! OUCHIE!!!
    I have a bit of trepidation about my Owner seeing this post now. LOL

    Welcome to the Kink of the Week!

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