Thirty Days of Kink: Day Three – Discoveries

What better way to spend a chilly January evening than to tell you about the origins of my kinky lifestyle. There’s always a beginning to every story and even a kink-wagon such as myself had to get started somewhere. You didn’t think I walked out of the womb wearing thigh high patent leather boots and swinging a crop, did you? Sit tight and Mistress Selena will tell you where it all began.


How did you discover that you were kinky?

I as a bit of a brat when I was a teenager. I was vociferous, bold as brass and had to have it my way when it came to relationships. Like most teenagers, I thought I knew it all and no one was going to tell me any different! When I heard about spanking as a means of foreplay I lost the plot. How could hitting someone be sexy? I ran my big, bratty mouth off about it for years until one day a friend of mine who I had a bit of a love interest in was telling me about this girl who came pretty hard after he spanked her.


There went my opinionated mouth again, spouting off that she was just weird and that spanking during sex was ridiculous. I was about 20 and he was about 30. My friend had long blonde hair down to his waist. He knew I had a massive crush on him and would do anything to get into his pants (shame he had a girlfriend though). What happened next was just magic.

He had grown weary of my brattyness so he grabbed me, turned me around, placed my hands on the hood of his car, spread my legs and gave me a good spanking. After a few good swots on my bum he reached up, grabbed a handful of my hair, tilted my head back and whispered in my ear that I was a very naughty girl. What went though my head at that moment was not words. Noises maybe, but no coherent thought. This man had turned my legs and my mind to jelly with just five hard spanks.

Spanking Scene in Secretary

Spanking Scene in Secretary

He then drew in closer and grabbed my hair even tighter, I could feel his growing erection against my ass and all I could think was that I wanted more. I wanted him to kiss me. With his breath still hot on my neck, he gave me one last smack on my ass and released me. I was so close to having an orgasm right there on the spot. To this day, I keep the events of that night on speed dial in my mental wank bank.

Sure this reads like a cheesy romance novel, blame that on my superfluous vocabulary. That night was what opened my mind to kink. From then on I begged to be spanked and eventually worked my way up to dishing out the spankings. First it was spanking, then it was restraints, then it was receiving foot worship, then it was forced orgasms…

What are your thoughts?