Review of Jack’s Floggers Crop Style Flogger

When I attended the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar in June of 2013, as it was my birthday soon, my lovely rubber slave bought me a truly devious device from Jack’s Floggers. Little did he know he was setting himself for a long line of extremely unforgettable impact play sessions.

Is it a cane? Is it a flogger? What is it? This painful piece is actually a very stingy flogger on the end of a short and firm cane. This flogger on a stick is more than just a toy, it is a harsh tool used in corporal punishment and shouldn’t be taken lightly!

The non-slip handle is covered in a spiral wrapped pattern made from a very grippy rubber material found in professional riding crops. If your grip somehow managed to slip, the flared base will help keep your swing under control. The glass fibre shaft portion is covered in a braided nylon cover. This cane is completely unyielding so it does not bend even in the slightest. This rigidity has been perfect for precision swinging.

Jack's Floggers Crop Style Flogger

Jack’s Floggers Crop Style Flogger

The falls themselves are 3mm square cut leather. The bite of this leather flogger is unbelievable. The initial sting is intense and the burn lasts quite a surprising amount of time. The leather is soft enough to flex and move with ease yet firm enough at the tips to be utterly vicious

Using the Jack’s Floggers Crop Style Flogger

Now the fun begins! I have found this crop style flogger from Jack’s Floggers to be an amazing precision flogger. The flogger feels so light weight in my hand and no matter what style of swing I use or if I change mid swing, the flogger takes heed and shifts into gear like a highly tuned sports car. This flogger simply becomes an extension of my arm for precision targeting and the falls aren’t so heavy that they wear out my arm before I’m done.

Jack's Floggers Crop Style Flogger

Jack’s Floggers Crop Style Flogger

I feel if I had an identical pair of these crop style floggers I could easily florentine them without much effort at all. This is a very harsh, stingy flogger. I have found that with most bottoms I have used this crop style flogger with, they can only tolerate it for short amounts of time. Even my rubber slave who is a total pain slut gave me his safe word after a few short moments with this flogger.

The mark of Jack's Floggers

The mark of Jack’s Floggers

In Summation

Let’s break it down into pros and cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight Sometimes too stingy for long term use
Non-slip comfort grip Only available in three colours
Precision flogging
Easily found online and at the BBB
Great price at £18

So there you have it. Overall I love this crop style flogger and the next time I’m at the BBB I may just pick up an identical flogger for a matched set! If you would like your own crop style flogger, check out Jack’s Floggers.

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Jack's Floggers Crop Style Flogger
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