Review of Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper

Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper

Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper

I first came to know Floggermeister’s work when I attended The Skin Two North Daytime Market in Leeds back in 2012. They had so many lovely, well built hitty things and to this day I still want one of everything. I can proudly proclaim that my already impressive Floggermeister collection will continue to grow as their range progresses. Today I’ve chosen to review the smallest member of my Flogermeister family, the Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper.

Upon first glance you may pick up this ultra light slapper and think, “What could this possibly do? Is it a toy?” Well I’m here to tell you that in this case, looks are definitely deceiving. This lightweight slapper has a nasty bite!

First off, what I like about Flogermeister is that they know the meaning of recycling. All of the top quality items he sells are made from items that were once destined to languish in the landfill. Every item in their range is Vegetarian and Vegan. I’m neither but I always applaud shops that stand their ground and don’t cave in to the popular leather demand by having a side line of non-vegetarian gear. When a shop shows that kind of integrity and attention to detail, they’re one to keep in mind.

When you speak with him in person, Carl Floggermeister will tell you all about his mission to keep things from going to the landfill and he will take the time to demonstrate everything you want to look at.

Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper

Vibram Texture

The ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper is 14 inches in total length with an 8 inch blade and a 6 inch rubber wrapped handle. The 3 inch super flexible blade is made from rubber Vibram material with a zig zag texture on the business side. The back of the Vibram material is a somewhat softer smooth foam material.

Using the slapper paddle

The sensations felt by the bottom lucky enough to receive a delightful spanking from this ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper are like no other. The Vibram material stings with such an intensity that I can’t quite tell if the yelps are from pain or from surprise. It’s as if the Vibram material grazes and grabs the skin as you follow through with your swing. I like to use the slightly thuddy padded foam side to help warm up my bottom’s botty before tearing into their arse with the stingy side.

I also like to incorporate this slapper paddle into my sensation play scenes. The soft foam side glides over the skin while the textured side can provide a bevy of sensations depending on how you drag it across the skin.

This slapper paddle is a frequent flyer in my toy bag. It’s light weight, easy on the wrist, its sting is intense and it can be used in sensation play. It is truly a versatile bit of impact play kit!

Design Options

I chose my Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper to come with a black rubber wrapped handle with red Turks knot accents. You can choose this option or a French Whipped detail handle in a multitude of colours or you can choose either purple and black or red and black diamond braid vinyl wrapped handle. Each of these options are at the unbeatable price of £20. For just £5 more, you can get a Steampunked Rubber Spanking Slapper which comes with Red Fire Hose with brass ‘golfball’ stud detail and the same great Vibram material slapper blade.

Overall I am quite pleased with my Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper, it has superseded my expectations and does strike fear in the hearts of the bottoms I play with. Floggermeister can be found in many fetish markets such as the BBB, Skin Two daytime markets… I think I saw them at a Huddersfield play munch. If you can’t get to or are not comfortable with going to any of these events, there is an easy to use website and they do take credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. To see more pictures of their work and some of their custom bits, check out Floggermeister’s Fetlife account.

Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper

Super Flexible Vibram material

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Floggermeister ZigZag Rubber Spanking Slapper
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