Fetish Friday: Long Haired Men

Some women love beards, some love a man sporting a crazy mohawk, others will prefer a smooth, bald head. Me, I’ve always been wet in the knickers for long haired men.

I’m not entirely sure when my long-haired men fetish all started, I must have been about eleven or twelve. The first time I really stated noticing boys was when I saw them on MTV singing my favourite songs. As I grew into a teenager I loved every boy with long hair whether it was on tv or at school. My parents tried to forbid me from dating boys with long hair but this of course just made my desire even stronger.

Peter Steele - Long haired men fetish

Damn straight I had this issue of Playgirl

I love long haired men!

I’ve dated men with hair down to their waists, hair just past their collars, long curly hair that took forever to grow and in my foolish youth even a couple of boys with mullets. I loved the way their hair felt sweeping across my face as we kissed. I adored running my fingers through their hair admiring all the different shades. When it comes to making love, when a man is taking me from behind and his hair is rhythmically stroking the small of my back that alone is enough to send me over the edge.

Long haired men are sexy as fuck

Long haired men are sexy as fuck

Oral sex from long haired men is simply exquisite. While his tongue is lapping and dancing around my clit, the feeling of his hair sliding around the insides of my thigh sends erotic chills up my spine. I love guiding his head down to my lady garden with a handful of his hair.

Speaking of handfuls of hair, if I’m dominating a long haired submissive boy, his hair will get a lot of use. I love to grab a fistful of hair, pull his head back to look deep into his eyes and remind him I’m in control. If his hair is long enough I will sometimes incorporate his hair into a bit of rope bondage. He doesn’t have to know he’s turning me on!

What are your thoughts?