Fetish Friday: Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls? That seems a bit tame for a well seasoned Domme you may say. Well, they’re not so tame in the way I like to use them! These weighted balls can add a whole new dimension to play time when used creatively. For this Fetish Friday I’ll tell you all about how I use ben wa balls in my BDSM games.

Wear ben wa balls during pegging

If you’re into pegging your partner and feel as though you don’t get much out of the act, slip a set of ben wa balls into your vagina (or arse if you’re so inclined) and get down on it my friend. With every thrust you’ll feel those little weighted balls wiggle and jiggle about for a more than pleasurable sensation. Strap on action will never be the same again.

Ben wa balls

Ben wa balls

Wear ben wa balls during impact play

This is my favourite way to use these things. With every swing the weighted balls inside my ben wa balls rattle around making my vaginal muscles grip around them even tighter. I can control the intensity by varying my swing. During public play, many have commented on my filthy and sadistic laugh which rings out through the play space. Well, now you all know my secret!

Wear ben wa balls out in public with a kinky friend

I have a friend on the scene who also enjoys the thrilling sensations of a set of ben wa balls. We often dare each other with activities to do while wearing our ben wa balls. Bus rides, drives over country roads, Zumba, munches… even sitting on the couch watching tv together can be an invigorating experience!

So how do I get started wearing a set of ben wa balls?

Lelo Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads

Pick a set of ben wa balls which allow you to vary the weight so you can start off small and work your way up like the Lelo Luna Beads. Also, look for a set which comes with a retrieval cord. You definitely do not want to embark on a search and rescue expedition to find your balls! Start with the lightest weight and use plenty of water based lubricant. Find a comfortable position and slip your ben wa ball deep in your vagina. You will know it’s in the correct position when you no longer feel it. Try laying on your back with your knees bent, on your hands and knees or in a seated position.

Once inserted, get up and walk around. Do you feel discomfort? Try pushing your ben wa balls in a little deeper. If you feel a full feeling with a slight jiggle when you wiggle, you’re golden. It should go without saying but be sure your retrieval cord sits on the outside of your body like a tampon string

What are the benefits to using ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are great for strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. With every shift in the internal weight, your vaginal muscles flex to keep your ben wa balls in place. Your partner will notice an improved grip during lovemaking and you’ll begin to enjoy better sensation and orgasms. Also if you have a little issue with pissing your knickers a bit when you sneeze, (happens to the best of us darling.) ben wa balls should help nip that in the bud.

For advanced users, try slipping them into your bum… or someone elses! The anal sensations are just as great as the vaginal, just be sure to use a set made from non-porous materials like stainless steel, plastic or silicone and sterilise them when you’re done. Don’t forget men can enjoy them too!

This Fetish Friday, try adding a pair of ben wa balls to your regular play sessions. You’ll thank me for it!

Fetish Friday

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