Fetish Friday: An Erotic Sonnet

T.G.I.F.F. – Thank Goodness it’s Fetish Friday! For this week’s Fetish Friday, I thought I’d express myself with poetry with my erotic sonnet.

An Erotic Sonnet by Mistress Selena Savage

So you have asked me once, you’ve asked me twice
grab my strap on and give you a pegging
The great big dog dick dildo should suffice
That I plunge in your ass you’ve been begging

I tower over you, dildo in hand
your small body starts to shake and shiver
prepare yourself, you know it’s all been planned
open wide, in your ass I deliver

second thoughts, your brown eye starts to pucker
it’s too late the deed is close to complete
you clench the sheets and shout ‘MOTHERFUCKER!’
your cries of pain to me are oh, so sweet

My job done, I’ll now let your butthole mend
til next time when on your ass I’ll descend

Strap On Love - Erotic Sonnet Style

Strap On Love – Erotic Sonnet style

Fetish Friday

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