30 Days of Kink: Day Two – Your Kinks

I hope you’re sitting comfortably. I tend to have a lot of kinks and some are more at the top of my list than others. Some of my kinks may seem ho-hum and ordinary while some may make you want to run away. Kink is subjective. One man’s vanilla is another man’s hard-core triple fist up the bum!


List your Kinks. Describe what it is about being Dominant or submissive that excites and arouses you the most.

I shall start off with what are for me the main attractions: spanking, flogging and foot worship. These three kinks make up the main core of my fetish DNA. Some I prefer to be on the receiving end, some I love to dish out while some I love to give and receive.


30 Days of Kink

Thirty Days of Kink

Spanking is just so erotic! This is one kink I love to give and receive. There’s nothing like being forcibly bent over by your Dominant, having your skirt pushed up and receiving a few open-handed slaps on the arse. Maybe a little hair pulling thrown in for good measure. The vibration of each impact flows through my pelvis and resonates through to my clitoris. I love it!

When I give the spankings, I prefer for my slave to be on their hands and knees on the bed or on bondage furniture. My heaving bosom tends to get in the way with short-range over the knee spankings. I love to leave my subbie’s upturned bum up in the air while I slowly pace around them. I begin with a nice warm up and then move on to bare hands and paddles. I simply adore the bright red colour of a freshly paddled bottom!


This is my favourite thing to do to someone else. My gear bag is absolutely bursting with floggers of every size, shape, style, colour and material! While setting up before a scene, I like to line up my floggers in order by severity. This way I can warm up my willing participant with a pair of gentle rope floggers. They may not feel like much but they begin the job of preparing the body for the more intense floggers. I move between, thuddy and stingy. From stingy to ‘OH FUCK THAT HURT!’ then back down again. I put on my favourite music and it all becomes an elaborate dance. I move and bend to get different angles and switch from using one hand to florentine floggers. Have I mentioned that I love floggers?

Foot Worship

Nothing in the world makes me feel more feminine and beautiful than when a groveling slave is on his belly licking the grime off my boots. I will go on shopping expeditions just to prepare for a foot worship session. I get all giddy when I select a beautiful pair of stockings to entice some lucky slave to beg me to allow him to caress. Foot slaves want nothing more than to pamper a precious pair of feet. Licking them, kissing them, massaging them… even giving them a pedicure (Yay free pedicures!). I tell you, receiving foot worship is not only a boost to the self-esteem but it’s a great way to relax too!

Feet: They appear out of nowhere

After my three kinky headliners there is a very long list of things that simply turn my crank. I love being a chastity keyholder. I currently have a lovely chastity sub locked up far away from here and every week we gamble with the remaining days in his sentence. He won’t be released until sometime next month but hopefully I can gamble my way into March. I’m a sucker for sensation play, giving and receiving.

I love having a human ashtray! I don’t really smoke but ashing in a slave’s mouth, arsehole or foreskin can be quite an erotic way to remind him who’s in charge. The best part is tapping out the tab end on his chest and making him eat it. Yum!

What are your thoughts?