Powerful BBW Mistress in York

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Mistress Selena

Mistress Selena

I am Mistress Selena, a cruel and exotic BBW Mistress in York. I’m a Lifestyle Mistress and Pro-Domme serving York, Beverley, Hull and all points in between. Safety and pleasure is my number one goal as I am experienced in many different aspects of BDSM, bondage and power exchange. I do in calls, out calls, hotels, local dungeons and local fetish events. Get in touch and we can negotiate the perfect scene for you. As a R.A.C.K. player who offers nearly everything from adult baby minding, ball busting, receiving foot worship, humiliation, financial domination, edge play and most points in between, all you need to do is get in touch and together we can plan the perfect scene for you.

If you’re ready to serve York’s beautiful Premier BBW Dominatrix then be sure to contact me for more information, negotiation and to schedule an appointment. Depending on schedule we can also negotiate online domination or domination via text. These are not free services so be ready to spoil me.

Please have a look at my Menu of Services for more information on the varied services I offer and my rates. Don’t forget to stop by my blog for the latest erotica and helpful beginner’s guides.

Mistress in York

Mistress Selena Savage
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East Riding of Yorkshire,